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Feature Comparison Chart for Sony Cassette Recorders

Click on model number in the chart below to see photo and features.

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Standard Cassette Recording Media 1 x x x
Playback Speed Control 2 x x  
Automatic Shut-Off at End of Tape 3 x x  
Cue and Review Function 4 x x x
Clear Voice Sound System 5 x x x
Voice Operated Recording 6 x x x
Sony-Matic® Automatic Recording Level Control 7 x x x
AC Adaptor Included 8   x  
Built-In Flat Microphone for Conference Recording 9     x

Sony Cassette Recorders Feature Explanations:

1 - Standard Cassette Recording Media
These recorders use easy to obtain, easy to store standard cassettes for recording and playback convenience.
2 - Playback Speed Control
Lets you adjust playing speed as much as +30% or -15% for easier review of recorded information.
3 - Automatic Shut-Off at End of Tape
Helps reduce mechanical wear, reduces battery consumption, and lets you know when you have reached the end of the tape.
4 - Cue and Review Function
Provides sound during fast forward and rewind modes to help find specific passages.
5 - Clear Voice Sound System
Enhances voice quality during recording and playback for greater clarity. Sony has boosted the milliWatt (mW) output of the amplifier. They've also upgraded the speaker itself to take advantage of the extra output. The speaker's frequency response is dedicated to the human vocal range. With Sony's Clear Voice Sound System, voices will have a rich clarity like you've never heard before!
6 - Voice Operated Recording
When you select the Voice Operated Recording mode, your Sony tape recorder automatically goes into Record-Pause mode. As soon as the microphone detects a noise to record, the VOR will release pause; the unit then begins recording. It continues recording as long as there is sound present. When the sound stops, the recorder will continue for a moment and then revert back to the Record-Pause mode. When the sound begins again, the recorder will release the pause and start recording again. VOR extends recording time by saving tape; allows for hands-free operation while recording.
7 - Sony-Matic® Automatic Recording Level Control
Uses advanced circuitry to ensure correct recording levels for the particular situation.
8 - AC Adaptor Included
Included AC Adaptor conserves batteries and provides virtually unlimited recording and playback time when an AC power source is available.
9 - Built-In Flat Microphone for Conference Recording
The Sony TCM-400DV's built-in mic is designed to pick up all the voices surrounding the recorder during a meeting.
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