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Feature Comparison Chart for Sony Digital Voice Recorders

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Included Memory 2GB 2GB 2GB 32MB 128MB
Embedded IC Chip Memory / Memory Stick / microSD Removeable Media 1 IC IC / microSD IC / microSD IC / MS MS
Stereo Recording with Built-In Stereo Microphone 2     x x x
Includes Dragon Naturally Speaking™ Voice to Print Software 3       ICD-MX20DR9 only  
Voice Operated Recording (VOR) 4 x x x x x
Digital Voice Up® 5   on PC only x x  
Maximum Recording Time, LP Mode (hours:minutes) 534:25 536:00 536:00 11:45 46:00
USB Compatible for High-Speed PC Transfer 6   x x x x
Digital Pitch Control 7 x x x   x
LCD Display 8 x x x x x
MP3 and WMA Playback 9 no USB port MP3 x    
Linear PCM Playback 10     x    
Battery Requirements two AAA two AAA two AAA two AAA two AAA
Power Adapter     USB Adapter   Optional AC

Sony Digital Voice Recorders Feature Explanations:

1 - Data Storage
Embedded IC Chip Memory: Records on IC (Integrated Circuit) chip built-in flash memory instead of tape, for digital recordings with distortion-free clarity.

The ICD-MX20 and ICD-MX20DR9 are designed to record dictation on their built-in 32MB flash memory or small Memory Stick media cards. With Memory Stick media, recorded cards can be readily distributed for processing. Memory Stick cards in capacities from 32MB to 512MB can be inserted into the units for different applications. The ICD-BM1B also uses Memory Stick digital recording media. An 128MB Memory Stick comes included with this model.

The ICD-SX712, ICD-SX712D and ICD-PX312 record dictation on built-in Flash Memory or small, compact, high capacity Memory Stick Micro media cards, and allow recorded cards to be readily distributed for processing; different Memory Stick Micro cards in capacities to 16 GB can be inserted into the unit for different applications. A microSD (FAT16) card smaller than 2 GB and a microSDHC (FAT32) card from 4 GB to 32 GB are also supported.

2 - Stereo Recording with Built-In Stereo Microphone
Records separate left and right channels in stereo, and provides convenient recording versatility in a variety of situations.
3 - Includes Dragon Naturally Speaking™ Voice to Print Software
Easily convert your recorded files into text. Award-winning Dragon Naturally Speaking software is an advanced speech recognition tool for all of your business and professional needs.
4 - Voice Operated Recording (VOR)
Activates the recorder only when audible sound is present, conserving recording time and eliminating soundless passages. Lets you dictate messages at your own pace, enjoy easy, efficient playback with no long silent periods and no loss of crucial information.

Dictated information is best when the recorded message plays back smoothly. Often, while dictating a memo or letter, you need to pause -- to gather thoughts or inspect written data -- before continuing. Later, while listening to the dictated memo, you must deal with long, silent gaps. Advanced Digital VOR (Voice-Activated Recording) solves this problem by eliminating the long silent gaps. No more screeching tape searches to find the next batch of words! No more distracting jabs at the Pause control while recording! No distorted or clipped playback of first syllables.

5 - Digital Voice Up
Digital Voice Up function increases the volume of the person speaking when recorded at a distance from the unit while maintaining overall quality. Quiet, difficult-to-hear sounds are amplified while louder sounds are played back at normal volume. The sound level is controlled automatically.
6 - USB Compatible for High-Speed PC Transfer
Download files to your PC via a high-speed USB connection. Send voice messages quickly and easily to anyone with an e-mail address. Store messages on a PC's hard drive or on backup media. Sort voice messages by date and time, alarm, and priority and retrieve them quickly and easily. PC download software and Digital Voice Editor software is included. Complete flexibility for all your voice document recordings.
7 - Digital Pitch Control
Allows recordings to be heard at slower or faster than normal speeds without distortion to facilitate transcribing or editing, or to move faster than normal to a desired portion.
8 - LCD Display
Large LCD Displays on these recorders clearly show useful information like number of messages recorded, recording length, date, time, and battery power remaining.
9 - MP3 Playback
Select Sony voice recorders provide easy playback of unsecured MP3 files by dragging and dropping files onto the device.
10 - Linear PCM Recording
Linear PCM is a WAV audio file which can record sound without compression, providing higher quality than MP3 or LPEC, but large file sizes. This codec is recommended for recording when the sound quality is extremely important, such as when recording a musical performance.
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