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Feature Comparison Chart for Philips SpeechMike PC Dictation Microphone/Controllers

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SpeechMike III Push Button 3205 SpeechMike III Slide Switch 3215 SpeechMike Air Push Button 3005 SpeechMike Air Slide Switch 3015 SpeechMike III Push Button Barcode 3300 SpeechMike III Slide Switch Barcode 3310
Ergonomic, PC-Connected Handheld Device For PC Dictation 1 x x x x x x
Integrated Barcode Scanner 2         x x
4-Position Switch for Dictation Control 3   x   x   x
Dust-proof Optical Trackball for PC Navigation 4 x x x x x x
Ergonomic Function Zones 5 x x x x x x
Programmable Function Keys 6 3 3 3 3 3 3
End-of-Letter and Insert/Overwrite Buttons 7 x x x x x x
Wireless Desktop Dictation Via Bluetooth Technology 8     x x    
Antimicrobial Surface 9 x x     x x

Philips SpeechMike Feature Explanations:

1 - Ergonomic, PC-Connected Handheld Device For PC Dictation
The unique Philips SpeechMike allows you to dictate directly onto your computer. Uniting a dictation microphone, playback speakers, dictation control and PC navigation in one device, the SpeechMike gives you total control from the palm of your hand. After recording, simply send your sound file for transcription at the press of a button. No more risky transportation of cassettes that can be lost, damaged or accessed by unauthorized persons. Digital data recording and network-based file transfer equals unparalleled data protection.
2 - Integrated Barcode Scanner
The redesigned SpeechMike Classic now includes an integrated barcode scanner that swiftly retrieves patient or client identification information simply by scanning a barcode. The scanned information is automatically attached to the patient or client dictation, streamlining the documentation process. By automatically scanning in patient or client data, all identifying information is entered accurately, increasing security and cost saving potential. The barcode scanner has a new, adjustable scanner, allowing it to be set to two scanning positions.
3 - 4-Position Switch for Dictation Control
The 4-position switch enables easy one-thumb operation. The four positions are (from top to bottom): Record (REC), Stop (STOP), Play (PLAY) and Fast Rewind (FRWD).
Philips SpeechMike Four Function Zones
4 - Dust-proof Optical Trackball for PC Navigation
The Philips SpeechMike series has continually evolved since its introduction in 1996. The third generation features intuitive navigation tools such as an optical trackball, enabling you to navigate through Windows® applications while dictating. In conjunction with the professional dictation software SpeechExec Pro Dictate, desktop dictation becomes child's play. Experience increased productivity and user comfort.
5 - Ergonomic Function Zones
Function "zones" allow single-handed operation of PC, plus all recording, playback and editing functions.
6 - Programmable Function Keys
Programmable function keys give full individual customization options.
7 - End-of-Letter and Insert/Overwrite Buttons
When you are finished and do not want to make any further changes to a dictation, pressing the EOL button (End-of-Letter) marks the current dictation as finished. The file is closed. The INS/OVR button switches between Insert and Overwrite modes. In Overwrite mode the new speech replaces existing speech in the sound file from the insertion point forward. Insert mode allows new speech to be added to a sound file while leaving the existing speech intact.
8 - Wireless Desktop Dictation Via Bluetooth Technology
High connection reliability, low power consumption, and an expedient data transfer rate make Bluetooth technology the most feasible way of providing secure wireless desktop dictation. There are many advantages in using Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth uses 76 channels, which would allow up to 76 devices in one setting. The SpeechMike Air utilizes the latest encryption through Bluetooth 2.1 technology and supports HIPAA Security Standards. The range of the SpeechMike Air is approximately 30 feet (10 meters).
9 - Antimicrobial Surface
The antimicrobial surface is important for use in a clinical environment. This feature was achieved by adding a substance to the plastic that impedes the reproduction of microorganisms and thus improves hygiene.
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