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Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9600

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Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9600

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Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9600

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The Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9600 sets new standards in advanced functionality and style. Voice commands, on-board file encryption and password protection are but a few of the powerful features of the 9600. The ergonomic design lends itself to unparalleled user friendliness to create dictations, and the intuitive controls are easy to use. Coupled with SpeechExec Pro Dictate, the network-based dictation software and a docking station for uploading your files, the Digital Pocket Memo 9600 is the ultimate in digital dictation.

Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9600 Key Features

Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9600 Included Accessories
Included Accessories
  • Philips Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card
  • Two Rechargeable AAA Batteries 9154
  • USB Docking Station 9120
  • Philips Power Supply
  • USB Cable
  • Leather Pouch
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Speech Exec Pro Dictation Software
USB Fast-Charge
The Digital Pocket Memo 9600 can be quick-charged through the USB connection to your PC. This gives you the assurance that your recorder will always be ready to work when you are.
Author Identification
All dictations are marked with the author's name for easier job identification and file routing. This allows author-dependent subfolder creation, sorting, filtering and transcription job assignments.
Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9600
Large Graphical Backlit LCD Display
Backlit LCD display makes reading the display in poor light conditions easier. The Digital Pocket Memo 9600's large graphical display lets you view all file information, such as the client name, keywords, length of dictation, position within the file, and other vital information at a glance. The Digital Pocket Memo 9600 offers two display setting options:
  • The Standard display option uses larger symbols without showing the status indication bar.
  • The Advanced display option uses smaller symbols. It enables you to view more information on the current dictation and shows the status indication bar. This bar provides visual feedback when a dictation, for example, is recorded or played back.
4-Position Switch
The 4-position switch enables easy one-thumb operation with Lock/Hold switch functionality. The four positions are (from top to bottom): Record (REC), Stop (STOP), Play (PLAY) and Fast Rewind (FRWD).
Exchangeable Multimedia/SD Card
By supporting both Multimedia and SD Cards, Philips gives you freedom of choice and full flexibility for hours of voice recording. The DPM 9600 supports MMC and SD cards with storage capacities of up to 2 GB. A 512 MB SD memory card will provide about 87 hours of recording time in SP format or 131 hours of recording time in LP format.
DSS (Digital Speech Standard) / DSS Pro File Format
Offering outstanding audio quality for recorded voice, .dss allows for a high compression rate, reducing file size, network traffic and required storage capacity. Legal firms, hospitals, government institutions or other users can benefit from reduced data volumes, resulting in easier file upload and transfer by e-mail, as well as reduced network traffic. The crystal-clear sound quality ensures that even quietly spoken passages can be understood and speech recognition can be applied. At the same time, .dss keeps power consumption in check, extending battery life. All professional Philips digital dictation devices, such as the SpeechMikes and the Digital Pocket Memos, support the .dss standard.

DSS Pro file compression, an enhancement of the DSS standard, guarantees crystal-clear sound quality for more accurate manual transcription and optimized speech recognition results. The already high audio quality has been further improved with 16kHz sampling, and an encryption algorithm is supported for the first time. The 16 kHz sampling rate facilitates the improved use of speech recognition systems and is thus even better suited to professional requirements.

Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9600
File Encryption
With the Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9600, security and confidentiality is ensured through file encryption. Voice files can be real-time encrypted and password-protected on the Digital Pocket Memo. Lost or stolen memory cards cannot be accessed by unauthorized individuals, increasing security and HIPAA* compliance.

* Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
PIN Code
The Digital Pocket Memo 9600 can be protected against unauthorized use or file playback. Assign your personal identification number to prevent others from accessing your Digital Pocket Memo.
Robust Metal Casing and Ergonomic Design
The LFH9600 features a robust metal case for extra durability and an award-winning design. The Digital Pocket Memo's asymmetrical and ergonomic design delivers unparalleled user-friendly operation. All buttons are within the sweep-angle of the thumb; a separate on/off switch and the popular 4-position slide switch let you work in the most familiar way.
Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9600
Docking Station 9120 Included
The Docking Station 9120 enables hands-free recording, plus fast easy PC download and battery recharging. The docking station includes two Philips rechargable AAA NiMH batteries and Philips power supply.
Two Smart Buttons
Two smart buttons let you scroll through menu options and quickly make selections. Navigating through the menu to assign work types and other commands is fast and intuitive.
One-Touch Keyword Assignment
Information relevant to your recording, such as a worktype code or the intended transcriptionist, can be assigned with the press of a single button.
SpeechExec Pro Dictation Software Included
The Digital Pocket Memo 9600 is packaged with SpeechExec Pro, Philips' dictation software that provides authors with easy-to-use functionality for organizing recordings. SpeechExec Pro Dictate, the network-based dictation software, facilitates the sharing and archiving of dictations and streamlines communication between author and transcriptionists. It includes advanced features such as file encryption and integration with legal and medical IT systems.
Built-in USB Microphone
Record on the go or at your desk with the built-in USB microphone. The Digital Pocket Memo 9600 can be used as a standard USB 2.0 audio device. When working at your desk, record directly to the PC with the dictation application. When away from the office, simply record, then later download the dictation files to your PC where they can be automatically routed or e-mailed for transcription. USB 2.0 Audio support also allows you to use the DPM 9600 as a PC speaker via a simple USB connection.
Voice Commands
The Digital Pocket Memo has voice recognition capability that allows you to "train" the Digital Pocket Memo to recognize your voice. After a brief training process, simply speak the commands into the device. Assign job data such as keywords simply by speaking them. This increases efficiency and minimizes errors. Patient or client information (ID numbers, author, work types, etc.) will be inserted into the file -- simply by speaking them.
USB 2.0 Audio and Mass Storage Device Capability
USB 2.0 Mass Storage support enables you to easily transfer any type of digital files between the DPM 9600 and a PC. Use the Digital Pocket Memo to store and transport files from your computer (letters, photos, presentations and spreadsheets).
Three Recording Modes
Three recording modes (QP = Quality Play, SP = Standard Play, and LPm = Long Play mobile) offer the freedom to choose long recording capacity or outstanding sound quality.
Voice-Activated Recording
Voice-activated recording mode is a convenient feature for hands-free dictation. When voice-activated recording is enabled, the DPM is in Record Standby mode; recording will start automatically when the input level exceeds a certain threshold (i.e. usually when you start dictating). Recording stops a few seconds after you stop speaking and restarts automatically when you start speaking again.
Adjustable Microphone Sensitivity
Switch to high sensitivity to record sounds from all directions (for example when recording a conference or meeting). Switch to lower sensitivity to record your voice only (avoid recording background noise).
Time-Stamped Recording
The creation and download date of every recording is automatically captured. Use this information to verify, sort or filter dictation files.
Playback Noise Reduction
Activate this function when listening to recordings with excessive background noise. The noise will be filtered out during playback.
Slow Playback
Playing back recordings at a slower speed makes it easier to take notes of important data such as names and telephone numbers.
Fast File Playback
Recordings can be played back at a higher speed to make it easier to scan through paragraphs or quickly review content.
Optional Click-on Barcode Module
The optional Philips Barcode Module has also been redesigned to snap onto the Digital Pocket Memo 9600. It is a highly compact laser scanner that retrieves important patient or client information by scanning the barcode. The scanned information is securely attached to the dictation, saving time and minimizing the risk of errors. The Barcode Module can also be used as a USB scanner device, directly transferring the barcode information to a PC.
Optional LAN Docking Station
The LAN Docking Station represents an entirely new concept in PC-free file transfer. It transfers dictations from the Digital Pocket Memo through a LAN (local area network) to a transcriptionist or a speech recognition system without connecting to a PC. Encryption ensures that dictations are sent securely through the company network or the Internet, regardless of whether the destination is next door or on the other side of the world.
Automatic PC Download
A standard USB 2.0 connection allows you to easily upload sound files to a computer or network and send them to your transcriptionist. When the DPM 9600 is connected to a PC via the USB cable and that the 4-Position Switch is in the Stop position, the download process is started automatically. With the included SpeechExec Dictate software you can also configure the download process to begin only after the DPM 9600's DL/INDEX button is pressed. You can also configure whether individual sound files or all of the sound files will be transferred from the DPM to the PC.
End-of-Letter Index
When you are finished and do not want to make any further changes to a dictation, pressing the EOL button (End-of-Letter) to mark the current dictation as finished. Finishing a dictation via the EOL button is also possible in Record Standby mode. The file is closed and a new, empty file is automatically generated. The file number is increased by one. The EOL button can also be disabled, if desired.
Up To 32 Indices Per File
Index marks can be inserted at any position in the sound file. You can insert an index mark during Playback or Recording mode. You can insert up to 32 index marks into each file. In Playback mode, the index mark string is shown on the display when the playback cursor moves over an index mark. When you fast forward or fast rewind the file, the DPM 9600 will interrupt the current action at the insertion point of an index mark for about one second and the DPM will beep.
Insert, Overwrite and Delete Functions
Insert, overwrite and delete functions allow full editing and continuity of dictation (buttons can also be disabled). The delete function can be used for deleting a section from a sound file or deleting the whole sound file. The INS/OVR button switches between Insert and Overwrite modes. In Overwrite mode the new speech replaces existing speech in the sound file from the insertion point forward. Insert mode allows new speech to be added to a sound file while leaving the existing speech intact.

Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9600 Specifications

PC Requirements (SpeechExec Pro)
  • Windows® XP (with Service Pack 2), Windows 2000 (with Service Pack 4)
  • Recommended: Pentium III, 500 MHz, 256 RAM
  • 60 MB for SpeechExec, 150 MB for Microsoft .NET 1.1 Framework
  • 1 free USB port
  • Recommended minimum transfer rate for LAN: 100 Mbit/s
Recording Format:
DSS / DSS Pro (Digital Speech Standard)
Memory Type:
Secure Digital (SD)/Multimedia Card (MMC) up to 2 GB
Recording Modes:
Quality Play (QP)
Standard Play (SP)
Long Play mobile (LPm)
Recording Time (QP/SP/LP):
10.7 / 21.8 / 32.7 hours with 128 MB card
170 / 349 / 523 hours with 2 GB card
Sampling Frequency:
Quality Play mode: 16 kHz
Standard Play mode: 12 kHz
Long Play mode: 8 kHz
Compression Rate:
Quality Play mode: 26 kbit/s
Standard Play mode: 13.5 kbit/s
Long Play mode: 9 kbit/s
Frequency Response:
Quality Play mode: 200 to 7 500 Hz
Standard Play mode: 200 to 5500 Hz
Long Play mode: 200 to 3500 Hz
Docking Connector:
8-pin female
Mini USB 2.0 female (full speed, 12 Mbit/s)
Power Supply Socket:
Earphones Socket:
3.5mm mini plug, impedance 8 ohms or more
Microphone Socket:
3.5mm mini plug, impedance 2 k ohm
Type: TFT-Transreflective
Diagonal screen size: 1.71 in. (44 mm)
Resolution: 128 x 128 pixels
Backlight color: white
Built-in Speaker:
30mm round dynamic speaker
Output Power:
200 mW
Green Specifications:
Compliant to 2002/95/EC (RoHS)
Lead-free soldered productPower
Battery Type:
Two Philips AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (LFH 9154) or two AAA batteries (LR03 or R03)
Battery Life (Standard Play Mode):
17 hours with Philips Ni-MH rechargeable battery
15 hours with Philips alkaline battery
Charging Time (Full Charge):
2.5 hours with optional rechargeable batteries and power supply
Operation Conditions:
Temperature: 5° - 45° Celsius / 41° - 113° Fahrenheit
Humidity: 10% - 90%
Dimensions (H x W x D):
4.6" x 2.0" 0.7" (116 x 50 x 17mm)
3.7 oz. (106g), including two Philips AAA batteries

Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9600

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