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Panasonic Men's Electric Razors

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Feature Comparison Chart for Panasonic Men's Electric Razors

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Panasonic ES3833S Panasonic ES8249S
World's Fastest Shaver -- 13,000 RPM of Linear Power 1   x
Four Blade Shaving System 2   x
Wet/Dry Razor 3 x x
Slide-Up or Pop-up Trimmer 4 x x
Power Source two AA alkaline batteries AC 100-240V
Automatic International Voltage Conversion 5 N/A x
1 Hour Charge/5-Minute Quick Charge 6 N/A x


Panasonic ES3833S Panasonic ES8249S
Multi-Fit Arc Blades 7   x
30-Degree Angle Inner Blade 8   x
HydraClean Automatic Cleaning System 9   x
Turbo Cleaning Mode 10   x
Travel Shaver 11 x  
Adjustable Pivot Action Head / Floating Head 12 Floating Pivot
Nano Technology 13   x
Washable 14 x x
LCD Display   x

Panasonic Men's Electric Razors Feature Explanations:

1 - World's Fastest Shaver -- 13,000 RPM of Linear Power
At 13,000 RPM, the world's fastest shaver (as of April, 2005) not only provides a close, powerful shave but it does it quickly too. Patented by Panasonic, the Linear Motor uses electro-magnetic propulsion to move the blades back and forth at an amazing speed of 13,000 RPMs. This provides more powerful shaving and a consistently clean cut on even the thickest of beards.
2 - Four Blade Shaving System
Four Nanotech™ blades combine with the Arc foil, to conform to your skin for an ultra-smooth, one-pass shave. This system is gentle to the skin an provides a clean, close and smooth shave, even for difficult to cut facial hair.
3 - Wet/Dry Razor
Enjoy the convenience and satisfaction of a clean, close shave in or out of the shower. Plus, this cordless shaver rinses clean quickly and safely under water.
4 - Slide-Up Trimmer
It's easy to activate this full-width trimmer to make grooming your moustache and sideburns simple and precise.
5 - Automatic International Voltage Conversion
Adapts to electrical outlets around the world.
6 - 1 Hour Charge/5-Minute Quick Charge
Restore your shaver to its full power capacity by setting it on the charger for an hour, or set it for just five minutes to recharge faster for one quick and accurate shave.
7 - Multi-Fit Arc Blades
Quadruple multi-fit arc blades fit uniformly against the skin under the chin, so close shaving can be achieved over the entire surface.
8 - 30-Degree Angle Inner Blade
While conventional shavers offer a range of 45-degree to 90-degree angled blades, Panasonic introduces the sharpest blade angle ever for precision cutting and closeness. The sharpest blades of any electric razor on the market means a super close shave. Precision angled at an incredible 30 degrees, the blades catch the hair and perform a straight cut so precise the user may only need to go over the area once.
9 - HydraClean™ Automatic Cleaning System
For the ultimate in convenience, the HyrdaClean system automatically charges, cleans and dries the shaver. Users can run all three modes together or select individual modes. To clean and charge the shaver, the unit is placed in a convenient docking station. Long-lasting cleaning cartridges provide superior cleaning power to keep the blades fresh and ready to go. An indicator light on the docking station glows when a new cleaning cartridge is required. Unlike other cleaning systems this unit does not use an alcohol based solution. Instead the system utilizes a water activated detergent which is gentle on the skin and portable.
10 - Turbo Cleaning Mode
Turbo Mode shifts the shaver from 13,000 RPMs to an impressive 17,000 RPMs while decreasing the blade movement. This allows for effortless removal of build-up and residue on the blades, leaving the shaver clean and fresh.
11 - Travel Shaver
The ES-3833 battery-operated travel shaver comes with its own travel case for grooming on the go. Operates on two AA alkaline batteries (not included) for ease of use anywhere.
12 - Adjustable Pivot Action Head
Pivot Action Shaving System (ES8249S): A four-way pivoting head provides a more comfortable shave. The pivoting head rocks up and down, and back and forth, to follow the contours of your face. You'll enjoy effortless control and comfort, for a clean, close shave.

Floating Head (ES3833S): Follows facial contours to provide a comfortable shave.

13 - Nano Technology
Panasonic delivers the sharpest blades for precise and accurate shaving, now with Nano Technology. While conventional shavers offer a range of 45° to 90° blades, this Vortex shaver comes with the sharpest blade angle at 30° -- great for precision cutting. Nano Technology was also used to polish the industry's sharpest 30° blades to achieve even better cutting performance.
14 - Washable
Rinses clean with water.
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