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Feature Comparison Chart for Panasonic Compact Stereo Systems

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Panasonic SC-HC27 Panasonic SC-HC37 Panasonic SC-HC57
Total Power Output, RMS (1kHz, 6ohms, 10% THD) 10W 40W 40W
FTC Output Power (20-20kHz, 6ohms, 1% THD) 7W 30W 30W
Auto-Sliding or Push Open Universal iPod® / iPhone® Dock 1 Push Open Auto-Sliding Auto-Sliding
Player Type iPod Dock, FM, CD iPod Dock, FM, CD iPod Dock, FM, CD
Wireless Streaming Audio with AirPlay® 2     x
CD-R/CD-RW Playback 3 x x x
Pure Direct Sound System 4 x x x
Remote Control App for iPhone 5     x
Preset EQ 6 x x x
Multi-Function Remote Control 7 x x x
Direct-Vocal Surround 8   x x
FM Digital Synthesizer Tuner with 30 Station Preset Memory 9 x x x
Internet Radio Control (vTuner) 10   x x
Stainless-Steel Mesh Finish, Crystal Edge Design 10   x x
Nano-Sized Bamboo Cone Speaker 12   x x
Full-Range Speakers With Dual Passive Radiator Design 13   x x
Wall Mountable 14   x x

Panasonic Compact Stereo Systems Feature Explanations:

1 - Auto-Sliding or Push Open Universal iPod® / iPhone® Dock
These systems comes with Panasonic's convenient Universal Dock for iPod, for easy playback and recharge. Digital music connection of an iPod or iPhone also allows the compact stereo system to process music signals in their original digital form. This eliminates sound degradation caused by digital/analogue conversion and during transmission, allowing the users to enjoy their favourite iPod tunes with pure sound that is highly faithful to the original. When the SC-HC37's or SC-HC57's front sliding door is opened the iPod/iPhone dock slides out automatically, making docking and removing a device simple.
2 - Wireless Streaming Audio with AirPlay®
AirPlay allows users to wirelessly stream music from an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or MAC/PC directly into the device through a home's wireless LAN network. AirPlay allows lossless transmission for the finest sound quality playback of a personal music library and provides a multi-room listening function, allowing for AirPlay compatible units to receive music from an iTunes library on a MAC or PC at once. And since there is no disc drive nearby, mechanical operating noise won't interfere with your enjoyment. Users can choose to stream one song to one or more rooms using a MAC / PC or stream different songs to various rooms, using a second MAC / PC with a separate iTunes Library. To create a wireless AirPlay connection from an iPhone, iPod or iPad device, a user simply the presses Connect button on the SC-HC57 device*.

* One button connect can only be used with WPS compatible devices. Manual Connect is necessary if the Wi-Fi router requires an ID and password.
3 - CD-R/CD-RW Playback
Panasonic Compact Stereo Systems enable playback of CD-R and CD-RW discs, so you can enjoy listening to CDs that you make*.

* Plays CD-DA format audio on CD-R and CD-RW. May not be able to play some CD-R or CD-RW due to the condition of the recording.

4 - Pure Direct Sound System
The distortion that is commonly generated by the scattered reflection of sounds from the body surface is dramatically reduced by noise canceling with digital signal processing (DSP) to reproduce highly pure sound.
5 - Remote Control App for iPhone
By installing a Remote Control App onto your iPhone or iPod touch, you can easily operate your audio system by simply tapping and flicking on your iPhone or iPod touch. In addition to the remote control functions, you can also use screen operations to open the main unit's door, or to adjust the equalizer and other settings.

Remote Control App must be downloaded from the App Store (iTunes Store). For this function, a wirel ess LAN environment is required. System Requirements: iPod touch 3rd generation or later, iPhone 3GS or later, iOS version 4.2 or later.
6 - Preset EQ
Choose from EQ presets to suit the type of music and your preference.
  • HEAVY - Adds punch to rock
  • SOFT - For background music
  • CLEAR - Clarifies higher frequencies
  • VOCAL - Adds gloss to vocal
  • FLAT - No effect
7 - Multi-Function Remote Control
Control your system without leaving your seat.
8 - Direct-Vocal Surround
This feature positions the musical instruments in a surround configuration and accentuates the vocals in the center so you feel enveloped by the vocals. Enjoy the same great ambience as if you were listening to a live performance in an actual concert hall.
9 - FM Digital Synthesizer Tuner with 30 Station Preset Memory
A digital radio tuner makes it simple to pinpoint radio stations to get the most accurate reception. You also get 30-station preset memory, for instant access to your favorite stations at the push of a button.
10 - Internet Radio Control (vTuner)
Music lovers and talk radio enthusiasts can enjoy the hundreds of stations offered by Internet Radio and use the system's convenient features to search for stations and program their favorites by simply installing the vTuner* application onto an iPhone or iPod touch.

* vTuner for Panasonic app must be purchased from iTunes.
11 - Stainless-Steel Mesh Finish, Crystal Edge Design
High-quality metal net is coupled with a solid sliding door with a crystal edge on the SC-HC57 and SC-HC37 to enhance the luxurious look and feel of the product.
12 - Nano-Sized Bamboo Cone Speaker
The SC-HC57 and SC-HC37 feature Panasonic's proprietary, full-range Bamboo Cone Speakers. A rigid, low density bamboo material used in the speaker helps achieve a clean responsive sound. Vocals are pure and clear, and dialog is crisp and easy to understand. Finer bamboo fibers than were used in the 2011 models enable the new cone speaker to reproduce clear, fresh natural tones with minimal distortion.
13 - Full-Range Speakers With Dual Passive Radiator Design
A Dual Passive Radiator design cancels unwanted vibration, helping deliver a pure bass sound with minimal noise. The diaphragm of the passive radiator is weighted to achieve linear vibration, making it possible for these slim, thin speaker units to produce a robust, full-bodied bass. Across the entire sonic range from pure, clear trebles to rich, dynamic bass, the speaker delivers an audio performance that is almost unimaginable from a system of its size.
14 - Wall Mountable
With sleek, ultra slim designs, the compact stereos can be set up in places where conventional stereo systems would not fit. The SC-HC57 and SC-HC37 models can also be placed on a wall with the included wall mount bracket.
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