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Olympus WS-803 Digital Voice Recorder and Music Recorder/Player

Olympus WS-803 Digital Voice and Music Recorder

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Olympus WS-803 Digital Voice Recorder

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Olympus WS-803 Digital Voice and Music Recorder

The Olympus WS-803 digital voice recorder and music player offers cutting-edge innovation with incredible high-quality stereo recording. The WS-803 boasts multi-format recording and playback functions, scene select modes and calendar search functions. The WS-803 gives users professional stereo sound quality at an attractive price. The WS-803 features two internal directional microphones to help capture pristine sound, direct USB connection, noise cancellation, voice playback, voice balancer and a voice changer feature.

The hallmark of Olympus audio recorders has always been superior sound quality, and the WS-803 continues that tradition. A key feature is two internal directional condenser microphones engineered to capture sound at a wide range of decibel levels. With the newly-developed high-sensitivity, low-noise directional microphones, Olympus has achieved the best ever quality in sound recording for this series. Users can to listen to and record radio through a built-in FM tuner. They can also choose between two recording level options - Auto and Manual. In the Manual option, the sound level is set through commands on the menu screen. Another key attribute is multiple recording formats and playback features. The WS-803 offers the ability to record in MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio) and PCM WAV formats.

The WS-803 also serves as an MP3 player. Simply download music files to the device and play them like any other MP3 player. A designated Music Folder helps users manage music files with ease. The WS-803 uses a single, rechargeable AAA NiMH battery that recharges by simply plugging the device into a USB. This handy feature saves time and money, and helps the environment by reducing waste. The WS-803 has 8GB of internal memory with 2122 hours of recording time. In addition, the device has a microSD card slot with the potential to hold up to 32GB of additional memory -- an astounding feature at this price.

Olympus WS-803 Key Features

Olympus WS-803 Digital Voice and Music Recorder
8GB of Built-in Flash Memory for Up To 2043 Hours of LP Mode Recording*
Thanks to 8GB built-in flash memory, the WS-803 can record up to 2043 hours of audio to its internal memory in the long play mode. Even in ultra high-quality 48 kHz 16-bit stereo PCM mode the WS-803 can record for approximately 12 hours.
Built-in FM Radio Tuner*
Users can listen to and record radio through a built-in FM tuner.
Manual Recording Level Adjustment*
Users can choose between two recording level options: Auto and Manual. In the Manual option, the sound level is set through commands on the menu screen. You can adjust the recording level at will based on the volume of the recording subject to maximize the use of dynamic range.
Zoom Microphone*
The WS-813 features a special range-adjustable Zoom Microphone function. New built-in algorithms realize more powerful directional performance. Works well when recording from a distant position or in noisy environments.

* Items marked with asterisk above indicate key step-up features from the Olympus 802 Digital Voice Recorder.

WS-803 Included Accessories:
  • Stereo Earphones
  • AAA Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • USB Extension Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card
Olympus WS-803 Digital Voice and Music Recorder
Uncompressed 16 bit/44.1 kHz Linear PCM Recording Capability
The WS-803 features uncompressed 16-bit/44.1kHz Linear PCM recording capability, to capture the rich sound quality of music performances. The WS-803's value extends beyond the realm of music. Students will find it useful for recording lectures and journalists for recording high-quality interviews for broadcasts and podcasts.
microSD Removable Media Card Slot
The WS-803 has 8 gigabytes of internal memory. The audio device also featurse a removable microSD media card slot to further expand capacity by up to 16 gigabytes. During a busy day of recording, changing optional microSD cards is an easy way for users to capture more audio without taking the time to download files to a computer.
Move and Copy Files Between The Internal Memory and a microSD Card
Move and copy files between internal memory and the micro-SD card with ease.
Super High-Quality MP3 and WMA Audio Recording
The WS-803 can record and play super high-quality MP3 and WMA stereo audio content of 44.1 kilohertz (kHz), which is equal to the sound quality of most compact discs. The WS-803 also features uncompressed 16 bit/44.1kHz Linear PCM recording capability, to capture the rich sound quality of music performances.
WAV, MP3 and WMA Playback
Users of the WS-803 can download and play back PCM, MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio) files. This provides users with extreme flexibility, enabling them to use one device for recording meetings and lectures for work or school, while also enjoying music afterwards for fun.
Olympus WS-803 Digital Voice and Music Recorder
Two High-Quality Built-in Directional Condenser Microphones
A key feature in the WS-803 is two internal directional condenser microphones engineered to capture sound at a wide range of decibel levels. With the newly-developed high-sensitivity, low-noise directional microphones, Olympus has achieved the best ever quality in sound recording for this series.
Voice Balancer Function
Voice Balancer adjusts voice levels to compensate for distance and for fluctuating sound levels because of softer or louder voices. This is perfect for interviews or meetings where one person's voice might drown our others based on there the recorder is located.
Voice Playback Function
Voice Playback allows you to skip the non-voice portions of a recording and only play back the parts with recorded voices, making for more seamless listening and making it easier to transcribe files.
Voice Changer Function
Recordings may also be played back using the Voice Changer feature that lets the frequency and playback speed of voice to be adjusted to suit individual needs and preferences.
Calendar Search Function
Calendar Search allows recordings to be searched by the date they were created.
Scene Select Modes for a Variety of Recordings
The Scene Select modes function helps achieve optimal recordings through preset environmental settings that can be selected based upon surrounding conditions. Pick the zoom feature to pinpoint a lecturer's voice and block out unwanted crowd noise from the background. Separately, open the microphone wide to capture all the subtle sounds in nature.
Noise Cancellation
The WS-803 combines Scene Selec technology with a Noise Cancellation feature that creates premium recordings regardless of the environment, whether at a recital or in a classroom. Dampen or minimize unwanted background sounds -- so you record a clean, high-quality audio file.
Battery Recharge via USB PC Link Function
Tired of filling landfills with costly disposable batteries? The WS-803 uses an included rechargeable NiMH AAA battery that can be recharged by plugging the WS-803 into the USB port on any computer for added convenience. In situations where a charge is not available, it is also possible to power this audio device using an easily-obtainable AAA alkaline battery.
Olympus WS-803 Digital Voice and Music Recorder
Sliding Direct PC Link
The WS series audio devices feature a retractable USB port that slides out for easy access to personal computers. Its innovative design incorporates a USB connector directly on the body so the WS-803 can be plugged into the USB jack of virtually any PC. No extra software, cables or drivers are required. The computer instantly recognizes the unit, which then acts as an external drive to the PC, allowing files to be effortlessly dragged and dropped to and from the voice recorder. A USB extension cable is included for added convenience.
Fast USB 2.0 Connection
USB 2.0 high-speed delivers fast downloads and uploads of files to and from the WS-803. This feature enables users to connect with speed and ease, and once downloaded, files can be archived or emailed to friends and family.
Long Battery Life
The WS-803 Digital Voice Recorder can record for up to 27 hours with included rechargeable AAA battery.
Five File Folders For Voice
Organize up to 200 files in each of five available folders for quick retrieval and storage convenience.
USB Mass Storage Class Support
USB mass storage class support means the WS-803 can store documents, images and more in addition to audio. The WS-803 is an innovative solution for those regularly on the move and who value the ease and versatility of having a single device capable of recording their voice files as well as transporting all other types of digital data. Imagine the convenience: to be able to transport that image-laden PowerPoint presentation for showing in a client's boardroom, record negotiations as they are discussed during the meeting and finally, when the deal is about to be clinched, upload the contract draft that was prepared in Word earlier. All this is now possible with just a single device that is both ultra-compact and stylish.
Large, Backlit LCD
A large 1.43-inch backlit LCD screen adds to the user experience with its simple to navigate menu screen. The screen reveals file information, recording time and events with clarity. Larger font size further improves ease of use.
Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA)
VCVA sets the audio device to record automatically only when sound is detected at a pre-set level and stop when sound drops below the threshold level. The purpose of this function is to eliminate "dead air" during recordings, conserving memory and shortening file times.
External Microphone Jack
External Earphone Jack
Index Marks
Index Marks are digital tags that can be inserted while recording or during playback. They are used to skip forward and backward in recordings to pre-selected reference points. This eliminates guesswork on where a particular sound byte resides within a recording. Set up to 99 index marks per file with peace of mind.
Fast and Slow Playback
Fast and slow playback settings make note taking and transcription as easy and efficient as possible..

Olympus WS-803 Specifications

Recording Format
MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio) and PCM (WAV)
Recording Media
8GB integrated flash memory and micro SD card slot (memory card not included)
Recording Times, Approximate
PCM 44.1 kHz 16 bit: 12 hours, 5 minutes
MP3 256 kbps:: Approximately 66 hours 30 minutes
MP3 128 kbps: Approximately 133 hours
WMA ST XQ mode: Approximately 132 hours
WMA ST HQ mode: Approximately 261 hours
WMA HQ mode: Approximately 522 hours
WMA SP mode: Approximately 1028 hours
WMA LP mode: Approximately 2043 hours
PC Interface
USB Storage class
Folders / Messages
5 folders / Up to 200 files per folder for Voice
max. 300 Music folders
Sampling Frequency
ST XQ: 44.1 kHz / 128 kbps
ST HQ: 44.1 kHz / 64 kbps
HQ: 44.1 kHz / 32 kbps
SP: 22 kHz / 16 kbps
LP: 8 kHz / 8 kbps
MP3: 44.1 kHz / 128 kbps; 44.1 kHz / 256 kbps
PCM: 44.1 kHz 16 bit
Overall Frequency Response
PCM 44.1 kHz 16 bit: 40 - 21,000 Hz
MP3 256 kbps: 40-20,000 Hz
MP3 128 kbps: 40-17,000 Hz
WMA ST XQ mode: 40-19,000 Hz
WMA ST HQ mode: 40-16,000 Hz
WMA HQ mode: 40-13,000 Hz
WMA SP mode: 40-8,000 Hz
WMA LP mode: 40-3,000 Hz
LP Mode
Voice Activation
Available, Switchable On/Off
Demographic Data Input
Practical Maximum Output
80 mW
Built-in 18mm diameter round dynamic speaker
Microphone Jack
3.5 mm
Earphone Jack
3.5 mm
Power Supply
One AAA NiMH rechargeable battery (can be charged via USB) or one AAA alkaline (LR03 or R03) battery
Battery Life
Alkaline: Approximately 27 hours recording (LP mode)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Approx. 3.9" x 1.6" x 0.6" (100.2 x 40 x 14.8 mm)
Approx. 2.0 oz. (57g) including batteries

Olympus WS-803 Digital Voice Recorder

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