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Key Features

Olympus DR-1000 Kit Olympus DR-1200 Kit Olympus DR-2200 Kit Olympus DR-2300 Kit
DSS Recording Format1 x x x x
Virtually Unlimited Recording Time -- Records Directly to PC x x x x
Programmable Buttons 2 2 5 5 5
Input Level -70dBv -45dBv -45dBv -45dBv
USB Audio Class Compatible3 x x x x
USB Mouse Pointing Device4 x x x x
Slide Switch Control5     x x
High Performance Microphone 6 x x x x
Easy Editing 7 x x x x
Overall Frequency Response 100 - 15,000Hz 100 - 14,000 Hz (PCM recording) 100 - 14,000 Hz (PCM recording) 100 - 14,000 Hz (PCM recording)
Maximum Working Output 300mW or more 320mW or more 320mW or more 320mW or more
USB Cable Length 8.2 feet 8.2 feet 8.2 feet 8.2 feet
Size H x W x D (excluding protrusions) 6.2" x 1.9" x 1.1" 6.1" x 1.8" x 1.2" 6.1" x 1.8" x 1.2" 6.1" x 1.8" x 1.2"
Weight 7 oz. 7 oz. 7 oz. 7 oz.

1 - DSS (Digital Speech Standard) Recording
High-quality recording format provides superior clarity and compatibility with voice recognition software.
2 - Programmable Buttons
Programmable buttons that speed up reaction time increase the DR-2000's and DR-1000's flexibility and reliability. Instead of having more buttons than necessary, the DR-2000 allows users to program the functions they use the most onto one rear button and front A or B buttons. The functions include: Index Mark, Insert/Overwrite, Priority, launching an external program and more. The DR-1000 offers one rear programmable button and a front A button.

In addition to the programmable buttons, further functionality can be supported by combining any button on the DR-1000 or DR-2000 with the Shift or Ctrl key on your computer's keyboard. This function is supported by the included DSS Player software.

3 - USB Audio Class Compatible
Olympus Directrec microphones are USB Audio Class Compatible, so they can be used as a USB microphone or USB speaker when connected to a PC without the need for installing a specialty driver. The powerful built-in speaker provides hi-fidelity acoustic playback.
4 - Trackball USB Mouse Pointing Device
The DR-2300 and DR-1000 include a 360-degree mouse-pointing sensor providing fast, simple operability. The device is highly durable and reliable to help prevent it from breaking, wearing out, or sticking.
5 - True Slide Switch Control
The DR-2300's and DR-2000's "true slide switch" is contoured to the thumb for smooth control of record, stop, play and review functions all with the same switch.
6 - High Performance Microphone
Olympus Directrec dictation devices deliver stunning performance -- The DR-2000's and Dr-1000's highly sensitive, built-in omni directional microphones ensure that every detail is recorded, whether the device is being used from a distance or at a conference. The Directrec DR-2300, DR-2200 and DR-1200 deliver stunning performance -- a low-noise, directional built-in microphone guarantees ultra-clear dictation recordings.
7 - Easy Editing
Olympus Directrec dictation devices allow for easy editing of existing recordings by appending, overwriting, inserting, and erasing or partial-erase of recording.
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