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Olympus SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom Digital Camera

24x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom16 Megapixel CCD
Dual Image Stabilization3-inch LCD
Olympus SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom Digital Camera

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Olympus SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom Digital Camera

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Olympus SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom

The Olympus Stylus SZ-16 iHS, a powerful, yet incredibly compact long-zoom camera, provides a level of imaging performance that feels like a DSLR. The SZ-16 iHS is equipped with a 24x optical wide-angle zoom lens (25-600mm equivalent in 35mm photography), for adventurers looking for a lightweight, easy-to-carry companion ready to capture stunning panoramas or brilliant close-ups of their travels. Its 16-megapixel CMOS sensor combined with the TruePic VI image processor, first developed for the Olympus PEN, captures beautiful, sharp images of subjects even in challenging low-light situations and backlit scenes. The Stylus SZ-16 iHS is optimized for moviemaking with 1080p Full HD video and Multi-Motion Movie Image Stabilization to record virtually blur-free videos even when the camera is moving.

Olympus's iHS (Intelligent, High-Sensitivity and High-Speed) Technology powers a number of features on the SZ-16 iHS, including Hand-Held Starlight mode which helps users at night, where image blur is more likely to occur, by capturing multiple images and stitching them together into a single, crisp, breathtaking photo without the use of a tripod. The Stylus SZ-16 iHS's blazing fast autofocus and HDR Backlight Adjustment combine to take a collage of images at various exposure levels and blend them into one perfectly exposed photo regardless of difficult lighting.

Built-in Dual Image Stabilization combined with an ergonomically-designed grip, allows for firm and comfortable support to help cut out blur caused by camera shake. These features are particularly useful for getting up close with a Super-Resolution Zoom of up to 48x zoom magnification at full resolution, capturing a series of images of a fast-moving subject with high-speed sequential shooting, or in Telephoto Macro mode when users are shooting the rich detail of small subjects like insects from inches away. Beyond its zoom power, the camera's impressive 25mm wide-angle lens takes in sweeping vistas, group shots and up-close macro images.

The Olympus SZ-16 iHS is also equipped with eleven Magic Filters that add a range of spectacular effects to all of life's adventures, both with stills and in video mode. Additional features include Beauty Make-up mode, which allows users to easily apply everything from eyeliner to eye shadow and blush to subjects as well as Smart Panorama, which lets users take a dynamic panorama of up to 360-degrees, simply by moving the camera from side to side or up and down. Users can easily share their images on a big-screen HDTV in high definition using an optional HDMI cable or on their social networks using the Olympus Image Share smartphone application (via optional Toshiba FlashAir™ SDHC card or optional Eye-Fi Card). They can easily frame and review their images on the large, 3-inch LCD display (460,000 dots).

Olympus SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom Key Features

Olympus SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom Digital Camera Supplied Accessories:
  • Li-50B Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • F-2AC In-Camera Battery Charger
  • CB-USB8 USB Cable
  • Strap
  • Instruction Manual and OLYMPUS [ib] software CD
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card
Olympus SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom
Designed-to-be-Digital Optics - 24x Optical Zoom Wide-Angle Lens, 96x Total Seamless Zoom
Optical precision is the foundation for creating quality images. First to introduce the Super Zoom category in 2000, Olympus once again delivers a designed-to-be-digital optical zoom lens to bring the action closer in an ergonomic body that's easy to handle. The SZ-16 iHS is an extremely compact camera featuring a 24x wide-angle optical-zoom lens. The f3.0 - f6.9 lens provides the equivalent of 25 - 600mm focal length in 35mm photography. Users can get close to the action with the compact 24x super telephoto zoom and at the same time, the wide-angle (25mm) lens captures more in each frame. Its super-macro capabilities capture the subtlest details. The compact lens construction uses aspherical lens elements to deliver edge-to-edge sharpness and clarity. Whether it is capturing fast-action sports or everyday snapshots, this sturdy compact body with a wide-angle and telephoto lens provides the versatility to get the job done.
48x Super-Resolution Zoom
Super-Resolution Zoom digitally extends the range of the optical zoom with virtually no loss of image quality,
Dual Image Stabilization
The SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom features an advanced combination of mechanical CCD-shift Image Stabilization and Digital Image Stabilization. CCD-shift Image Stabilization uses built-in electro-gyro sensors to record camera movement and adjust the CCD image sensor. This ensures that light remains centered on the image sensor to maintain image clarity despite a slight movement on the part of the photographer. Digital Image Stabilization Mode boosts ISO sensitivity and shutter speed so that images remain crisp and clear -- free from the blur caused by moving subjects. The combination of the two Image Stabilization Technologies ensures the best image clarity in virtually any shooting environment. Dual Image Stabilization technology enables users to take crisp, clear pictures in virtually any shooting situation -- adjusting for camera shake and a moving subject.
iHS Technology
Thanks to the iHS (Intelligent, High-Sensitivity and High-Speed) family of technologies, the Olympus SZ-16 iHS has brains as well as brawn. iHS harnesses the power of a 16-megapixel BSI (Back-Side Illuminated) CMOS sensor and the TruePic V image processor (originally developed for DSLR cameras) to dramatically improve low-light performance, speed up camera response time, enhance scene and subject recognition and double zoom magnification without losing image quality.

iHS powers a number of Olympus features that take all the work out of capturing difficult shots. A blazing quick autofocus and HDR Backlight Adjustment takes a collage of separate photos and blends them into one perfectly exposed image regardless of difficult lighting. Multi-Motion Movie IS (Image Stabilization) records virtually blur-free videos even when you're moving. The versatile lens on the Olympus SZ-16 iHS pulls out wide or zooms in twice as close with its 48x Super-Resolution Zoom that digitally extends the range of the optical zoom with nearly no loss of image quality.

One-Touch 1080p HD Movie and HDMI Control
The SZ-16 iHS shoots gorgeous 1080p full HD videos, so you'll never miss the chance to capture the scene. Activating HD recording is incredibly easy with a dedicated one-touch button, and playback is also a breeze. Now, you'll be the hit of the party or any family function when you proudly display your brilliant images and videos on high-definition televisions. Simply connect the camera to an HDTV with an HDMI™ cable, which can be purchased separately at any consumer electronics store. With HDMI Control, you can use your HDTV's remote to control playback functions and navigate the camera's menus from the comfort of your favorite couch. With One-Touch HD Movie you can record widescreen, crystal clear HD movies right from your camera.
Olympus SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom 3-inch LCD
Multi-Motion Movie IS
When you're walking and capturing videos at the same time, blur can be a big problem. Not with Multi-motion Movie IS. This advanced image stabilization technology counteracts blurring even with slow-moving subjects, long shots and pans. It's ideal for making dynamic, spontaneous movies when you're on the move -- and invariably don't have a tripod.
Large 3-inch High-Resolution LCD
The Olympus SZ-16 iHS boasts a bright, high-resolution 3.0-inch LCD monitor with 460,000 pixels, which is ideal for viewing, composing and sharing all your favorite images and HD videos.
16 Megapixel BSI (Back Side Illumination) CMOS Sensor
The SZ-16 iHS' 16 Megapixel CMOS sensor delivers high-resolution, superb-quality full-size movies, stills and prints. A backside illumination (BSI) sensor increases the amount of light captured, which in turn improves low-light performance. The high-sensitivity, high-speed BSI CMOS sensor deliver unmatched image quality with less noise and improved image detail, especially in low-light situations.
TruePic V Image Processor
The high-sensitivity 16-Megapixel CMOS sensor combines with the TruePic V image processor for faster reaction times, radiant colors, and beautiful, sharp images of fast-moving subjects and low-light, backlit scenes. The TruePic V Image Processor, first developed for professional digital SLRs, knows precisely how to deliver true-to-life color, the sharpest details and less noise.
AF Tracking
AF Tracking technology locks your subject in focus, and continuously adjusts focus and brightness whether you or your subject are moving. This mode can remember the subject if it moves out of the frame. This enables you to keep fast-moving and unpredictable subjects like small children in focus for the perfect shot. There's even a specially designed AF Tracking Pet Mode for animal lovers.
Advanced Face Detection Auto Focus and Auto Exposure
Face Detection Technology tracks up to 16 faces within the frame and automatically focuses (Face Detection AF) and optimizes exposure (Face Detection AE) for sharp, brilliant portrait pictures. Even if your subjects are moving, the camera continuously tracks your subjects' faces without having to press the shutter button.
Olympus SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom
Eye-Fi Card Compatibility
Ready to upload and share images of your adventures live, as they happen? The SZ-16 iHS is compatible with Eye-Fi SD cards (sold separately) adding Wi-Fi capability to the camera, enabling you to automatically upload images to your computer as you take them. Share your pictures of sandcastles right from the beach by uploading your shots immediately.
Beauty Mode With Makeup Mode
Beauty mode touches up the appearance of subjects even while the shot is being taken. This feature recognises faces and automatically makes skin on the face and adjacent areas appear smoother, brighter and more youthful. It enables you to soften shadows and smooth wrinkles or blemishes on your subject's face -- all in the camera and as you capture the image. Additionally, subtle edits can be made post-capture using the Beauty Fix mode. Choose Clear Skin to smooth a person's complexion, Dramatic Eye to slightly emphasize the eyes, and Sparkle Eye to brighten and enhance the contrast of the iris and pupils. You can also apply all three edits at once.

Make-up mode enhances the look of faces in your shots. Laid out like a cosmetic toolbox, it lets you apply everything from eyeliner and eye shadow to rouge for skin blemishes. You can even lift cheekbones and morph your subjects to give them a cover-model look.

Shadow Adjustment Technology
Shooting outdoors in bright daylight can be tricky because of the extreme contrast between dark shadowed areas and bright sunlight areas -- while the human eye is capable of detecting the nuances between dark and light and all the details in between, image sensors traditionally have not been quite as sensitive. The SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom addresses this challenge head-on with Shadow Adjustment Technology, which compensates for extreme contrast where the shadow areas are underexposed and lack visible detail. With this technology, users can preview and capture images that have the same contrast as seen with the naked eye. Combined with Face Detection Auto Focus and Auto Exposure, the SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom captures smiles in shadows without getting a dark image in difficult lighting such as in backlight situations. The technology can also be turned off for any shooting situation where shadows are a key element of a photograph's drama.
Backlight HDR Adjustment
Shooting into backlight typically results in washed out, overly bright images. Backlight HDR Adjustment takes a collage of images at various exposure levels and blends them into one, perfectly exposed image.
Hand-Held Starlight
Hand-Held Starlight with Flash automatically snaps several images and then stitches them together into a single, blur-free image with minimal noise resulting in stunning low-light images.
Photo with Movie Clip Multi-Recording Function
The SZ-16 iHS camera records 1080p Full HD movie and 16 Megapixel stills at the same time, thanks to an ingenious feature Olympus calls Multi Recording. For anyone who's ever shot a scene one way, then (when it was too late) wished they'd done everything differently, MR is a must. The TruePic V image processor gives the SZ-16 the power to record simultaneously in more than one mode. Simultaneously record videos and still images so you'll never have to compromise one for the other. Simply start recording your video and press the shutter button to snap stills throughout the recording.
Intelligent Auto Mode
Taking a moonlit stroll on the beach? With the Intelligent Auto Mode in Olympus cameras your camera knows and it automatically identifies what you are shooting (i.e., Portrait, Night + Portrait, Landscape, Macro and Sports) and adjusts the camera's settings to capture the best quality results. First-time users can jump into this quick and hassle-free feature that does the thinking for them and produces incredible images.
34 Selectable Shooting Modes Including 16 Scene Preset Modes and 11 Creative Art Filters
With 34 shooting modes including Intelligent Auto and pre-programmed scene modes, such as Beach & Snow, Night Scene, Sunset, and Fireworks, the SZ-16 iHS makes it easy to capture beautiful images in a variety of lighting and shooting situations. Get the best result in any situation with advanced options -- landscape, portrait, indoor, sunset and more.
  • i-Auto: Automatically indentifies what you are shooting and adjusts settings to capture the best quality results depending on the situation.
  • Program Auto: Automatic shooting settings are activated while also allowing changes to a wide range of other shooting menu functions, such as exposure compensation, white balance, etc. as needed.
  • Panorama: Three frames are taken and combined by the camera.
  • Beauty & Make-up: Enables you to soften shadows and smooth wrinkles or blemishes on your subject's face.
  • Super Macro: Get in close.
  • Movie: Shoot gorgeous 1080p full HD videos st 30 fps. Also shoot in 720p and VCA resolutions.
  • Photo + Movie Clip: Records a movie before and after taking a photo.
  • 16 Scene Modes: See below.
  • 11 Magic Filters: See below.
16 Scene Preset Modes
With 16 pre-programmed scene modes, such as Beach & Snow, Night Scene, Sunset and Sport, the TG-630 iHS makes it easy to capture beautiful images in a variety of lighting and shooting situations. Get the best result in any situation with advanced options -- landscape, portrait, indoor, sunset and more.
  1. Portrait
  2. Landscape
  3. Night Scene
  4. Night & Portrait
  5. Sport
  6. Indoor
  7. Self-Portrait
  8. Sunset
  9. Fireworks
  10. Cuisine
  11. Documents
  12. Beach & Snow
  13. Pet (cat)
  14. Pet (dog)
  15. Hand-held Starlight
  16. Backlight HDR
11 In-Camera Magic Art Filters
In-camera Creative Filters recently debuted on Olympus E-System DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras. Similar in-camera Magic Art Filters have been developed for compact Olympus cameras such as the SZ-16 iHS. Magic Art Filters enable the user to enhance and customize images as they're being captured. This translates into more fun and flexibility as customization is no longer limited to using expensive and time-consuming computer software. The Magic Art Filters include:
  • Pop Art: Enhance and saturate colors to create vivid, high-impact pictures that express the joyful, lighthearted feeling of the Pop Art style of the 1960s
  • Pin Hole: Reduce the peripheral brightness of an image as though it were shot through a pin hole, connecting the viewer intimately with the subject at the center
  • Fish-Eye: Emulate the wide-angle of a fish-eye lens by taking extremely wide, hemispherical images and magnifying the center of the frame.
  • Soft Focus: Creates a soft tone that gives pictures an ethereal, otherworldly atmosphere. It renders pictures as though they were veiled in heavenly light, without obscuring details such as hair or flower petals.
  • Punk: Creates a two-tone image with a classic punk rock feel
  • Watercolor: Transforms images into frame-worthy art with a finish like that of watercolor paintings
  • Sparkle: Adds a twinkle to your photos
  • Reflection: Creates a spectacular horizontal reflection of the real image similar to a mirror image created by still water.
  • Miniature: Gives images a miniature model feel by narrowing the depth of field and enhancing color and contrast.
  • Fragmented: Creates a collage of tiles, as if the original photo had been cut up and reassembled. Gives the shot a lively new look and feel with a three-dimensional texture.
  • Dramatic: Boosts the contrast to give images a more dynamic atmosphere.
43 MB Available Built-in Internal Memory
You can capture images even when no media card is in the camera. The SZ-16 iHS comes with 37.9 MB of internal memory
SD / SDHC / SDXC Memory Card Compatible
The Olympus SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom digital compact camera offers SD / SDHC / SDXC Memory Card capability for up to 64 gigabytes of capacity.
FlashAir Compatible
FlashAir compatible for transferring password-protected images to selected smartphones and social networks.
Free iOS and Android Software Downloads
Free iOS and Android software downloads for editing and sharing images in social networks via smartphone or tablet PC.
OLYMPUS [ib] Software
The SZ-16 iHS comes with OLYMPUS [ib] software. The software includes photography workflow, browsing, editing and unique photo organizing functions. You can organize your photos by person with automatic face recognition technology, by location with a Geotagging function or by event. You can easily view photos on an HDTV or on the camera's LCD with the Photo Surfing or Slideshow functions. The name [ib] stands for image bridging, image browsing and image brightening. The software is available for Windows operating systems only.
Easy Direct Print Capability
The power of PictBridge technology enables photos to be printed directly from the camera to any PictBridge-enabled printer, such as the Olympus P-11 Digital Photo Printer, without using a computer. And the new one-touch printing button makes printing a single-step process. Printing and sharing images has never been easier!
Auto-Connect USB 2.0 High Speed
Transferring images to the computer has never been easier with the Auto-Connect USB 2.0 that does not require software drivers (for most computers/operating systems) for hassle-free and high-speed image downloads.
Histogram Function
The SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom's Histogram function provides real-time access to exposure information so users can confirm exposure before snapping the picture. A histogram displayed on the LCD makes detection of over- and under-exposed areas simple with red and blue highlighting so users can make adjustments.
Built-in Multi-Mode Flash
The SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom camera has a built-in flash that offers settings to provide a wide range of options.
  • Auto Flash fires automatically in low light or back-light, to help ensure the illumination is appropriate.
  • Red-Eye Reduction Flash Mode emits a series of pre-flashes right before the shutter snaps, allowing the subject's eyes to adjust to the light level of the flash -- reducing the red-eye effect.
  • Fill-In Flash Mode (forced on) adds light to eliminate shadows, for a more natural look in photos when your subject is in both bright light and dark shadow.
  • Flash Off Mode is available when flash photography is not permitted or to allow for long exposures for shots like sunsets and night scenes.
Digital ESP Multi-Pattern and Spot Metering
Multi-Point Metering enables separate points in the image area to be averaged for proper exposures in the most difficult lighting conditions.

Olympus SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom Specifications

Image Sensor:
16.0 megapixel effective, 17.5 Megapixels total, 1/2.3-inch (1.1cm) CMOS, Primary color filter (RGB)
4.5 - 108.0 mm (25mm - 600mm equivalent in 35mm photography), 11 lenses in 10 groups, 3 aspherical lenses, 3 ED glass lenses
24x Optical Zoom + 4x Digital Zoom (Seamless to 96x)
Aperture Range:
f3.0 - 8.7 (W) / f6.9 - 20 (T)
3.0" (7.6cm) LCD, approx. 460,000 pixels, ±2 Steps Brightness Adjustment
Focusing System:
CMOS Contrast detection
Focusing Ranges (from lens surface):
Normal Mode: (Wide) 3.9 in. - infinity (10 cm - infinity)
(Tele) 15.7 in. - infinity (40 cm - infinity)
Super Macro Mode: 1.18" - infinity (3 cm - infinity)
Focus Modes:
iESP Auto, Spot AF, Face Detection AF, AF Tracking
Shutter Speeds:
1/2000 sec. - 1/4 sec. (up to 4 sec. in Night Scene Mode)
Auto, High ISO Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400 (SOS: Standard Output Sensitivity)
Metering Modes:
Digital ESP Metering, Spot Metering
Exposure Compensation:
±2 EV steps in 1/3 EV steps
White Balance System:
Auto, Pre-set (Overcast, Daylight, Tungsten, and Fluorescent 1), One-touch white balance (1 custom setting can be registered)
Recording Modes:
Still image: JPEG
Movie: MOV / H.264
Adjustable Resolutions:
16MP (4,608 x 3,456)
8MP (3,264 x 2,448)
5MP (2,560 x 1,920)
3MP (2,048 x 1,536)
2MP (1,600 x 1,200)
1MP (1,280 x 960)
VGA (640 x 480)
16:9 L (4,288 x 2,416)
16:9 S (1,920 x 1,080)
Motion Blur Suppression:
Dual Image Stabilization, Multi-motion Movie IS
Image Processing:
TruePic™ V Image Processor
Shooting Modes:
34 Shooting Modes: Intelligent Auto, Program Auto, Beauty Mode with Make-up, Panorama, Super Macro, 11 Magic Filters (Pop Art, Pinhole, Fisheye, Soft Focus, Punk, Sparkle, Watercolor, Reflection, Miniature, Fragmented, Dramatic), 16 Scene Presets (Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene, Night & Portrait, Sport, Indoor, Sunset, Fireworks, Pet (cat), Pet (dog), Cuisine, Documents, Beach & Snow, Self Portrait, Hand-held Starlight, Backlight HDR), P + Movie clip, Movie
Smart Panorama
Continuous Shooting
Approx. 30 frames per second / 28 images (3MP)
10 frames per second / 28 images (3MP)
1.5 frames per second / 200 images (16MP)
3.0 frames per second / 3 images (16MP)
Movie Mode:
1080p (1920 x 1080), 720p (1280 x 720), VGA (640 x 480), VGA High Speed 120fps (640 x 480), QVGA High Speed 240fps (320 x 240)
Noise Reduction:
Image Playback:
Still Image: Single, Index Display (5 x 4 frames), 1.1 - 10x Zoom, Slideshow, Event, Rotation, Protection, Histogram
Movie: Normal, Fast-Forward, Reverse, Frame-by-Frame
Playback Edit Effects:
Still Image: Beauty Fix, Resize, Cropping, Saturation, Red-eye reduction, Shadow Adjustment
Built-in Flash
Built-in Flash Modes:
Auto (for low light and back lit conditions), Red-Eye Reduction, Fill-in, Off
Flash Working Range:
Wide: 5.9 in. (15 cm) - 43.3 ft (13.2 m) at ISO 3200
Tele: 15.8 in. (40 cm) - 18.7 ft (5.7 m) at ISO 3200
12 / 2 seconds, Pet Auto Shutter
43 MB internal memory
Removable Media Card:
Outer Connectors:
Multi-terminal (USB connecter, DC Jack, Audio/Video output), HDMI Type D micro
Auto-Connect USB:
USB 2.0 Full Speed (USB Mass Storage)
Power Supply:
LI-50B Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (included); F-2AC USB-to-AC Adapter (included); F-3AC USB-to-AC Adapter (optional)
Size (W x H x D):
Approx. 4.2" x 2.7" x 1.5" (108mm x 70mm x 40mm)
8.0 oz. (227 g) including battery and media card

Olympus SZ-16 iHS Super Zoom Digital Camera

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