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Olympus XZ-2 Digital Camera

iZuiko Dgital Lensf1.8
12 Megapixel BSI CMOS3-inch LCD
Dual Image StabilizationPEN Accessory Port
Olympus XZ-2 Digital Camera

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Olympus XZ-2 Digital Camera

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Olympus XZ-2

Olympus pushes the compact digital camera to a new X-treme with the Olympus Stylus XZ-2, its game-changing, flagship high-performance point-and-shoot camera. The Stylus XZ-2 is a hybrid that combines optical brilliance, the manual controls of a digital SLR and the unbeatable convenience of a lightweight compact camera in a body every imaging enthusiast should love. Inheriting the 4x optical / 4x Digital zoom i.Zuiko Digital f1.8-2.5 large-diameter lens found on its predecessor, the award-winning Olympus XZ-1, the Olympus Stylus XZ-2 builds on its low-light performance with new features: the world's first hybrid control ring, customizing controls so ambitious photographers easily capture the shot; a new fast, touch-sensitive tilt screen; the powerful TruePic VI image processor; Full HD movie recording and FlashAir® compatibility to share images immediately on social networks.

The digital lens of the Olympus XZ-2 is designed for clear, high-quality photographic performance, whether set at its maximum f1.8 aperture for amazing wide-angle shots, or at f2.5 for 112mm telephoto images (35mm equivalent). The camera's iHS technology and the large-aperture lens work together to deliver high-sensitivity, low noise and blazing auto-focus performance that translates to the highest image quality of any Olympus compact camera. The newly developed 12.0 megapixel, high-sensitivity back-lit CMOS sensor, working with the TruePic VI processor, provides faster recovery time and shutter release to capture images with true-to-life colors, rich details and low noise. To complement the speed of the f1.8 lens, the camera's low-light mode automatically adjusts the ISO sensitivity up to ISO 12,800 to take sharp, full-resolution photos in dim conditions, and an easily accessible built-in pop-up flash and AF illuminator brightens low-lit subjects, reduces red-eye and fills in dark areas.

Olympus XZ-2 Key Features

Olympus XZ-2 Digital Camera Supplied Accessories:
  • Li-90B Lithium-Ion Battery
  • F-2AC In-Camera Charger
  • USB Multi Cable
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Lens Cap
  • CD-ROM (OLYMPUS Viewer2)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card
Olympus XZ-2
Designed-to-be-Digital Optics -- Super Fast and Bright f1.8 iZuiko Lens With 4x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom
The iZuiko f1.8 - 2.5, 6.0 - 24mm (28 - 112mm equivalent angle of view in 35mm cameras) digital lens is a 4x compact version of the legendary, high-quality Zuiko digital lenses featured with Olympus DSLRs. With a minimum aperture of f1.8 at wide-angle and f2.5 at telephoto, this lens boasts super-fast shutter speeds for sharp, low-light images. This aperture range also allows photographers to take portraits that highlight the subject by defocusing the background, a capability that is not normally possible in compact cameras. The lens is specifically designed for clear, high-quality photographic performance.

The high-performance lens allows a rich and vibrant range of photographic expression. It boasts a fast f1.8 for improved shooting in low-light scenarios, enhancing image clarity and drastically reducing grain. The result is superbly clear, high-quality photographs. This compact 4x wide-angle zoom lens captures even more of the subject into each shot. Get sharper, clearer images without taking a step back.

iHS Technology
Thanks to the iHS (Intelligent, High-Sensitivity and High-Speed) family of technologies, the Olympus Stylus XZ-2 has brains as well as brawn. iHS harnesses the power of a new 12-megapixel BSI (Back-Side Illuminated) CMOS sensor and the TruePic VI image processor (originally developed for DSLR cameras) to dramatically improve low-light performance, speed up camera response time, enhance scene and subject recognition and double zoom magnification without losing image quality.

iHS powers a number of Olympus features that take all the work out of capturing difficult shots. A blazing quick autofocus and HDR Backlight Adjustment takes a collage of separate photos and blends them into one perfectly exposed image regardless of difficult lighting. Multi-Motion Movie IS (Image Stabilization) records virtually blur-free videos even when you're moving. The versatile lens on the Olympus Stylus XZ-2 pulls out wide or zooms in twice as close with its 8x Super-Resolution Zoom that digitally extends the range of the optical zoom with nearly no loss of image quality. Capture beautiful images and videos effortlessly; Enhanced iAuto enables the camera to automatically detect 34 different scenes (portrait, landscape, macro, etc.)

12 Megapixel BSI (Back Side Illumination) CMOS Sensor
The Stylus XZ-2's 12 Megapixel, 1/1.7-inch high-sensitivity CMOS sensor delivers high-resolution, superb-quality full-size movies, stills and prints. A backside illumination (BSI) sensor increases the amount of light captured, which in turn improves low-light performance. The high-sensitivity, high-speed BSI CMOS sensor deliver unmatched image quality with less noise and improved image detail, especially in low-light situations.
TruePic™ VI Image Processor
Olympus developed its exclusive TruePic VI image processor for the demanding performance of digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras, including the Olympus OM-D E-M5™ system camera. Olympus' enhanced TruePic VI Image Processor provides faster recovery time and shutter release plus excellent image quality with true-to-life color, the sharpest details, and less noise. The newly-developed high-sensitivity back-lit CMOS sensor, working with the TruePic VI processor, provides faster recovery time and shutter release to capture images with true-to-life colors, rich details and low noise. To complement the speed of the f1.8 lens, the camera's low-light mode automatically adjusts the ISO sensitivity up to ISO 12,800 to take sharp, full-resolution photos in dim conditions, and an easily accessible built-in pop-up flash and AF illuminator brightens low-lit subjects, reduces red-eye and fills in dark areas.
Olympus XZ-2 3-inch LCD
Backlight HDR Adjustment
Shooting into backlight typically results in washed out, overly bright images. Backlight HDR Adjustment takes a collage of images at various exposure levels and blends them into one, perfectly exposed image.
3-inch 920,000-Pixel Tilt and Touch LCD
Whether composing still images or HD videos, photographers will appreciate the XZ-2's sharp 3.0-inch monitor to frame and show off still images and High Definition (HD) movies. The LCD displays 920,000 dots in vivid color, reproduces colors and shades more accurately with deeper black tones. Capture your shots instantly with the XZ-2's FAST AF and responsive touch screen. Just touch the screen to focus on your subject and release the shutter. This LCD touch panel monitor also tilts, so you can easily frame your shots even at awkward angles and from tricky vantage points.
Excellent Low-Light Performance Including ISO 12,800 And AF Illuminator
Apart from the speed of the f1.8 lens, the XZ-2 automatically adjusts the ISO sensitivity up to ISO 12,800 to take sharp, full-resolution photos in dark places. The camera's iAuto mode automatically detects low-light scenes and adjusts the ISO accordingly for the best image quality. The camera also features an AF illuminator to make it simple to focus in low-light locations. The XZ-2 has an easily accessible built-in pop-up flash to illuminate low-light subjects, reduce red-eye and fill in dark areas. Additionally, Dual Image Stabilization further assures you'll get the shot you want while holding the camera.
1080p Full HD Movie and HDMI Control
The Stylus XZ-2 shoots gorgeous 1080p full HD videos, so you'll never miss the chance to capture the scene. Now, you'll be the hit of the party or any family function when you proudly display your brilliant images and videos on high-definition televisions. Simply connect the camera to an HDTV with an HDMI™ cable, which can be purchased separately, see Recommended Accessories. With HDMI Control, you can use your HDTV's remote to control playback functions and navigate the camera's menus from the comfort of your favorite couch. With HD Movie you can record widescreen, crystal clear HD movies right from your camera. Add style and artistic flair to your moves with Olympus Art Filters and Effects.
Hybrid Control Ring and Customization
The Olympus Stylus XZ-2 is equipped with the world's first hybrid control ring, built around the lens, which allows users to easily assign function settings to their preferences as well as switch between analog and digital operation of the ring. The digital operation provides a solid click on controls, whereas the analog operation offers a smooth, gliding feeling. When the Fn 2 lever next to the lens is placed downward, the ring around the lens switches to analog control so it can be used as a focus or a zoom ring. If the lever is placed at an angle, the ring around the lens switches to digital control to change exposure-related settings quickly and easily. This feature enables fine-tuning of the focus in macro, composition selection when shooting, and exposure adjustment all without looking away from subjects.
Olympus XZ-2 3-inch LCD
Dual Image Stabilization
The XZ-2 features an advanced combination of mechanical CCD-shift Image Stabilization and Digital Image Stabilization. CCD-shift Image Stabilization uses built-in electro-gyro sensors to record camera movement and adjust the CCD image sensor. This ensures that light remains centered on the image sensor to maintain image clarity despite a slight movement on the part of the photographer. Digital Image Stabilization Mode boosts ISO sensitivity and shutter speed so that images remain crisp and clear -- free from the blur caused by moving subjects. The combination of the two Image Stabilization Technologies ensures the best image clarity in virtually any shooting environment. Dual Image Stabilization technology enables users to take crisp, clear pictures in virtually any shooting situation -- adjusting for camera shake and a moving subject.
Multi-Motion Movie IS
When you're walking and capturing videos at the same time, blur can be a big problem. Not with Multi-motion Movie IS. This advanced image stabilization technology counteracts blurring even with slow-moving subjects, long shots and pans. It's ideal for making dynamic, spontaneous movies when you're on the move -- and invariably don't have a tripod.
Accessory Port Compatible With Select PEN® Camera Accessories
To expand the camera's versatility, the XZ-2 includes an accessory port that is compatible with select PEN® camera accessories. Photographers can attach optional accessories like the SEMA-1 external microphone adapter, the VF-2 electronic viewfinder, or the MAL-1 macro light. These optional accessories easily slide into the camera's accessory port and hot shoe.
Eye-Fi Card Compatibility
Ready to upload and share images of your adventures live, as they happen? The Stylus XZ-2 is compatible with Eye-Fi SD cards (sold separately) adding Wi-Fi capability to the camera, enabling you to automatically upload images to your computer as you take them. Share your pictures of sandcastles right from the beach by uploading your shots immediately.
FlashAir SDHC Card Compatibility
The Olympus XZ-2 is also designed to make sharing your amazing images even easier. Using the smartphone connection function, simply set up a compatible Toshiba FlashAir SDHC card with an internal wireless LAN to make a Wi-Fi connection. With the Olympus Image Share smartphone application, easy image upload onto a smartphone via a thumbnail index, adding Art Filters to images on a smartphone, and sharing images on various social networking services is possible.
Capturing beautiful portraits is easy with the ePortrait Mode that enables you to soften shadows and smooth your subject's complexion either before image capture or during post-capture edits.
Hotshoe for External Flashes
The XZ-2 offers a hotshoe for connecting an external flash, providing greater versatility for different lighting effects.
AF Tracking
AF Tracking technology locks your subject in focus, and continuously adjusts focus and brightness whether you or your subject are moving. This mode can remember the subject if it moves out of the frame. This enables you to keep fast-moving and unpredictable subjects like small children in focus for the perfect shot. There's even a specially designed AF Tracking Pet Mode for animal lovers.
Advanced Face Detection Auto Focus and Auto Exposure
Face Detection Technology tracks up to 16 faces within the frame and automatically focuses (Face Detection AF) and optimizes exposure (Face Detection AE) for sharp, brilliant portrait pictures. Even if your subjects are moving, the camera continuously tracks your subjects' faces without having to press the shutter button.
11 In-Camera Art Filters With 5 Art Effects
Olympus pioneered easy-to-use in-camera Art Filters for still images captured inside its E-System DSLRs and was the first company to offer the ability to apply Art Filters to HD video recordings captured with the PEN cameras. The XZ-2 features eleven Art Filters that photographers can apply to still images and HD video:
  • Pop Art: Enhance and saturate colors to create vivid, high-impact pictures that express the joyful, lighthearted feeling of the Pop Art style of the 1960s
  • Soft Focus: Creates a soft tone that gives pictures an ethereal, otherworldly atmosphere. It renders pictures as though they were veiled in heavenly light, without obscuring details such as hair or flower petals.
  • Pale and Light Color
  • Light Tone
  • Grainy Film: Recreates the powerful expression of grainy, high-contrast black and white pictures. The resulting strong presence and dramatic atmosphere make the subject stand out impressively.
  • Pin Hole: Reduce the peripheral brightness of an image as though it were shot through a pin hole, connecting the viewer intimately with the subject at the center
  • Diorama: Gives images a miniature model feel by narrowing the depth of field and enhancing color and contrast.
  • Cross Process
  • Gentle Sepia
  • Dramatic Tone: Boosts the contrast to give images a more dynamic atmosphere.
  • Key Line

Art filters can be modified and effects can be added: Soft Focus Effect, Pinhole Effect, White Edge Effect, Frame Effect, Star Light Effect. The available effects vary with the selected filter.

Easy-to-Use Live Guide
The XZ-2's Live Guide interface simplifies great photography and provides the results you desire at the touch of a button. Want more vivid or muted color in your shot? Want warmer or cooler color? Want a brighter or darker subject, or a sharper or softer background? Or maybe you want to capture the fast-moving action of your subject with a little artistic blur? Simply select Live Guide and press the up and down arrows on the back of the camera to slide through numerous photographic effects. Make adjustments and watch the LCD as the effects are made live -- before the image is captured!
Live Control
With the XZ-2 you are in full control of all functions and imaging decisions -- with split-second accuracy. Live Control, an advanced control panel system, allows you to see the image and the controls all at once. Whether using full manual control or all the automatic features, first-time users will feel like pros, and pros will create still images or videos that continue to push their own boundaries of creativity.
39 MB Available Built-in Internal Memory
You can capture images even when no media card is in the camera.
SD / SDHC / SDXC Memory Card Compatible
The Olympus XZ-2 digital compact camera offers SD / SDHC / SDXC Memory Card capability for up to 64 gigabytes of capacity.
OLYMPUS [ib] Software
The XZ-2 comes with OLYMPUS [ib] software. The software includes photography workflow, browsing, editing and unique photo organizing functions. You can organize your photos by person with automatic face recognition technology, by location with a Geotagging function or by event. You can easily view photos on an HDTV or on the camera's LCD with the Photo Surfing or Slideshow functions. The name [ib] stands for image bridging, image browsing and image brightening. The software is available for Windows operating systems only.
Easy Direct Print Capability
The power of PictBridge technology enables photos to be printed directly from the camera to any PictBridge-enabled printer, such as the Olympus P-11 Digital Photo Printer, without using a computer. And the new one-touch printing button makes printing a single-step process. Printing and sharing images has never been easier!
Auto-Connect USB 2.0 High Speed
Transferring images to the computer has never been easier with the Auto-Connect USB 2.0 that does not require software drivers (for most computers/operating systems) for hassle-free and high-speed image downloads.
Histogram Function
The XZ-2's Histogram function provides real-time access to exposure information so users can confirm exposure before snapping the picture. A histogram displayed on the LCD makes detection of over- and under-exposed areas simple with red and blue highlighting so users can make adjustments.
In-Camera Panorama Mode
In-camera panorama mode captures three images and stitches them together to create one amazing panoramic picture. Simply press the shutter button and slowly pan across a panoramic scene. The second and third images will be captured automatically and stitched together with the first image -- resulting in one seamless panorama-size picture. To create the ultimate panoramic picture, you can use the Olympus [ib] Software to stitch up to 10 images together.
Digital ESP Multi-Pattern and Spot Metering
Multi-Point Metering enables separate points in the image area to be averaged for proper exposures in the most difficult lighting conditions.
i-Auto Mode
The intelligent-Auto mode uses advanced automatic detection technology that enables the camera to automatically recognise the most commonly shot scenes. This makes it possible to capture perfect photos without the need for manual settings.
The XZ-2 lets photographers choose one of four aspect ratios so they can frame scenes individually and add expression to shots. The ratio selected shows up on the camera's LCD. Users can choose from 16:9, 3:2, 4:3, and 1:1.

Olympus XZ-2 Specifications

CCD Imager:
12.0 megapixel effective, 1/1.7-inch CMOS Sensor, 12.76 gross megapixels, Aspect ratio: 1.33 (4:3)
6.0 - 24.0 mm (28 mm - 112 mm equivalent in 35mm photography), 11 lens elements in 8 groups, 6 aspherical sides
4x Optical Zoom + 2x Digital Tele (8x total zoom)
Maximum Aperture:
f1.8 (W) / f2.5 (T)
AF Focusing:
Imager AF
Focusing Ranges (from lens surface):
Wide: 2.0" - infinity (5 cm - infinity)
(Tele) 7.9" - infinity (20cm - infinity)
Super Macro Mode: 0.4" - 23.6" (1 cm - 60 cm), Wide-angle edge fixing
Focus Modes:
Single AF (S-AF) / Manual Focus (MF) / Continuous AF (C-AF) / SuperMacro mode / AF tracking (C-AF + TR)
Advance AF
Available in Movie mode only
Focusing Point / Focusing Point Selection:
35-area multiple AF / All target, Group target area (9-area), Single target
25-area multiple AF / All target, Single target
AF Illuminator:
Focus Tracking:
Manual Focus Assist:
When rotation of Control dial is detected under MF mode, LV is magnified automatically
Shutter Speeds:
60 - 1/2000 sec.
Bulb: up to 16 min. (1/2/4/8/16 min. selectable)
12 sec., 2 sec. (cancel available)
Remote Cable Release:
Available with optional RM-UC1 Remote cable.
AUTO: ISO 100 - 12800 (customizable, Default 100 - 1600) / Manual ISO 100 - 12800, 1/3 EV steps
Exposure Metering System:
Digital ESP metering, Center weighted average metering, Spot metering, Spot metering with highlight control, Spot metering with shadow control
Exposure Metering Range:
EV 0 - 20 (Digital ESP metering, Center weighted average metering, Spot metering) (At normal temperature, 17mm f2.8, ISO 100)
Exposure Modes:
P (Program Auto), iAUTO, A (Aperture priority), S (Shutter priority), M (Manual), Art Filter, SCN (Scene Select)
Scene Select AE:
Portrait, e-Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene, Night + Portrait, Sport, Sunset, Fireworks, Multi Exposure, Document, Beach & Snow, Under Water Wide, Under Water Macro, HDR, Panorama
Exposure Compensation:
±3 EV in 1/3 EV steps
AE Lock:
Locked at 1st release of shutter button (can be set to Fn1)
Exposure Bracketing:
2 frames in 0.3/0.7/1.0 EV steps selectable, 3 frames in 0.3/0.7/ 1.0 EV steps selectable
White Balance System:
7 Pre-sets: Incandescent (3000K), Fluorescent 1 (4000K), Sunny (5300K), WB Flash (5500K), Cloudy (6000K), Shadow (7500K), Underwater
One Touch WB: 2 custom settings can be registered
Custom WB (Kelvin setting)
White balance compensation
White Balance Compensation:
±7 steps in each A-B / G-M axis (not available for Custom WB)
Custom WB (Kelvin Setting):
1 setting can be registered at Kelvin temperature (2000K - 14000K)
White Balance Bracketing:
3 frames in 2, 4, 6 steps selectable in each A-B / G-M axis.
Color Space:
sRGB, Adobe RGB
Picture Modes:
Vivid, Natural, Portrait, Muted, Monotone, Art Filters
Gradation: Auto, Normal, High Key, Low Key [except Art Filters]
Adjustment Parameter: 4 levels (Auto, Normal, High key, Low key)
Color Filter Effect:
Neutral, Yellow, Orange, Red or Green available for Monotone
Image Stabilizer System:
Built in (Imager shift image stabilizer)
IS1: 2-dimensional activation
IS2: 1-dimensional activation in landscape frame to vertical direction moving
IS3: 1-dimensional activation in portrait frame to vertical direction moving
Live View:
Image Sensor type
Field of view 100%
Display Modes: Normal Mode, Grid Line Mode (4 types) + Histogram Mode, OFF
Max 8 frames of face detection can be displayed
Monitor information: Aperture value, Shutter speed, Auto Bracket, AE Lock, AF mode, IS, Shooting Mode, Battery Check, My Set, Internal Temperature Warning, Face / Eye Detection, Histogram, Number of storable still pictures, Record mode, ISO, Sequential shooting, Self-timer, White Balance, Metering Mode, AF confirmation mark, Exposure Compensation Value, Spot metering Area, Flash Mode, Flash Status, Flash intensity Control, Super FP, Focal length, Tone control, Eye-Fi status, Digital Teleconverter, Battery check
3.0" (7.5cm) tilting monitor, approx. 920,000 pixels, Touch control in electrostatic capacitance, Playback field of view 100%, ±7 levels Brightness / Color Temperature Adjustment
Upward tilting angle: up to 80 degrees; Downward tilting angle: up to 50 degrees
Color setting: Vivid / Natural
Touch function :Touch shutter release, Touch enlargement, Touch Live Guide, AF area selection, Frame advance/backward, Enlargement playback, Touch Super Control Panel
No built-in VF, optional external VF available (VF-2, VF-3)
Still Image Recording Format:
DCF, DPOF compatible/Exif, PRINT Image Matching III
Still Image File Format:
Still Image File Sizes:
RAW: 3968 x 2976 (Approx. 19.3 MB
Large: 3968 x 2976 Fine (1/4 compressed) Approx. 5.9 6.4 MB
3968 x 2976 Normal (1/8 compressed) Approx. 2.7 3.4 MB
Middle: 2560 x 1920 Normal (1/8 compressed) Approx. 1.1 1.7 MB
Small: 1280 x 960 Normal (1/8 compressed) Approx. 1.1 0.3 MB
MOV (MPEG-4 AVC / H.264) Recording Format
IS for Movie: OK / Shifting electronic image (so called Digital IS, IS1 mode only)
Movie Modes:
Full HD: 1920 (H) x 1080 (V), 30p (29.97fps), 18Mbp, 16:9 aspect ratio HD: 1280 (H) x 720 (V), 30p (29.97fps), 9Mbp, 16:9 aspect ratio
Exposure Control for Movie: (1) iAuto, (2) P: Program AE, (3) A: Aperture priority AE, (4) S: Shutter priority AE*, (5) M: Manual*, (6) C1: Custom1 AE, (7) C2: Custom2 AE, (8) SCN: SCN AE, (9) Art Filter: ART Filter AE AE Lock: Available
* S mode and M mode : Shutter speed is limited in less than 1/30 sec
Movie Maximum Recording Times:
Full HD: 29 minutes, HD: 29 minutes
File Size MOV Format: Max 4 GB
Sound Recording Format:
Wave Format: Stereo Linear PCM / 16bit, 48kHz sampling frequency
Picture with Sound:
Maximum Recording Time 4 sec
Image Processing:
TruePic™ VI Image Processor
Drive Modes:
Single-frame shooting, 5fps Sequential shooting, High-speed Sequential shooting, Self-timer, bracketing
Sequential Shooting Speed:
Approx. 5 frames/sec., 200 frames maximum
Exposure bracketing: 2 frames in 0.3/0.7/1.0 EV steps selectable, 3 frames in 0.3/0.7/1.0 EV steps selectable
White balance bracketing: 3 frames in 2, 4, 6 steps selectable in each A-B / G-M axis.
Flash bracketing: 3 frames (0.3, 0.7, 1 EV step selectable)
ISO bracketing: 3 frames in 0.3, 0.7 steps selectable
Art Filter bracketing: Art Filter selectable (Vivid, Natural, Portrait, Muted, Monotone)
Built-in Flash, External Flash
Flash Modes:
Auto, Red-eye reduction, Red-eye reduction slow sync., Slow sync, Fill-in, Off
Manual: Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128
Built-in Flash Working Range (ISO 1600):
Wide: 1.97 ~ 36.4 feet (0.6 ~ 11.1 m)
Tele: 1.97 ~ 27.9 feet (0.6 ~ 8.5 m)
Wireless Flash Control:
Compatible external flash: FL-50R, FL-36R, FL-300R, FL600R
Control type: Built-in flash
External Flash modes: TTL Auto, Auto, Manual
4 Channels, 4 Groups (External flash: 3 group and a Built-in flash)
External Flash Flash Modes:
TTL Auto, Auto, Manual
Art Filters:
Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pale and Light Color, Light Tone, Grainy Film, Pinhole, Diorama, Cross Process, Gentle Sepia, Dramatic Tone, Key Line
Art Effects (varies by Art Filter): Soft Focus Effect, Pinhole Effect, White Edge Effect, Frame Effect, Star Light Effect
Multi Exposure:
Number of picture: 2 frames
Functions: Auto gain, Live View
Multi Aspect Ratio:
4:3 / 3:2 / 16:9 / 1:1
Super Control Panel Information (Shooting):
Battery information, Shooting mode, Shutter speed, Aperture value, Exposure compensation value, ISO sensitivity, Exposure compensation indicator, Exposure indicator, Flash intensity compensation indicator, Date, Auto BKT setting, NR setting, WB, WB compensation value, Record mode, Flash Status, Record mode, Image size, Drive mode, Flash intensity compensation value, Metering mode, Recordable still image number, Focusing mode, AF frame, Color space, Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, Internal Temperature Warning, Gradation, IS activating mode, Face detection, My Mode, Multi Exposure, Aspect Ratio, Super FP
Live Control Information (Shooting):
Battery information, Shooting mode, Shutter speed, Aperture value, Exposure compensation value, ISO sensitivity, Exposure compensation indicator, Exposure indicator, Flash intensity compensation indicator, Date, Auto BKT setting, NR setting, WB, Record mode, Flash Status, Image size, Drive mode, Flash intensity compensation value, Metering mode, Recordable still image number, Focusing mode, AF frame, Internal Temperature Warning, IS activating mode, Face detection, My Mode, Multi Exposure, Aspect Ratio
Live Guide:
Color satuturation, Color image, Brightness, Blur Background, Express Motion, Shooting Tips
Image Playback Modes:
Single-frame, Information display, Index display (4/9/25 frames), Enlargement (2x - 14x), Movie (with sound, FF/REW/Pause), Picture rotation (auto), Slideshow *(with BGM/BGM+Sound/Sound)
*Slideshow: Still/Movie/Still+Movie, When a camera is connected to HDTV with HDMI cable, 3 new slideshow effect can be selectable. (Still)
Playback Information Display
Histogram (independent luminance / RGB available), Highlight / Shadow point warning, AF frame, Photographic information, OFF
Image Editing:
Editing function - RAW development, Gradation auto, Red-eye fix, Resize (1280x960, 640x480, 320x240), Trimming, Aspect, e-Portrait, Post recording
Erasing function - Single frame, All, Selected frames (from Index)
Protect function - Single frame, Selected frames, Release protect (Single/All selected)
RAW picture editing - RAW development based on settings of the camera (including Art Filter)
JPEG editing - Shadow adjustment, Red-eye fix, Trimming, Aspect, Monotone, Sepia, Saturation (color depth), Resize (producing another file), e-portrait
Print Functions:
Print reservation (DPOF), Direct print (PictBridge compatible)
Input / Output:
PC interface - USB 2.0 High Speed through Multi-connector
TV interface - HDMI (HD Video / Stereo Sound), VIDEO-OUT (SD Video / Mono Sound)
USB/Video connector - Dedicated multi-connector (Video: NTSC/PAL selectable, USB: USB2.0 Hi-Speed)
HDMI - Mini HDMI type-D
Flash attachment - Hot shoe
Accessory attachment - Accessory port
39 MB internal memory
Removable Media Card: SD Memory Card (SDHC, SDXC, UHS-I compatible), Eye-Fi, FlashAir
Power Supply:
Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (LI-90B) included
F-3AC AC/DC Adaptor
Battery Life (CIPA DC-002)
310 Shots
Sleep Mode:
Available (off, 1min, 3min, 5min)
Operating Environment:
Operation: 32º - 104ºF (0º - 40ºC), 30 - 90% humidity
Storage: -4º - 140ºF (-20º - 60ºC), 10 - 90% humidity
Size (W x H x D):
4.45" x 2.57" x 1.89" (113 mm x 65.4 mm x 48 mm) CIPA guideline compliant, excluding protrusions
12.2 oz. (346 g) with battery and media card

Olympus XZ-2 Digital Camera

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