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Olympus E-PL3 Digital SLR

12.3 Mega Pixels
TruePic VI
3-inch 460,000 Pixel LCD
1080i Full HD
Olympus E-PL3 Digital SLR
Olympus E-PL3

Olympus E-PL3 also available in black with black 17mm Prime Lens, in silver with silver 14-42mm II R Zoom Lens, in white with silver 14-42mm II R Zoom Lens and in red with silver 14-42mm II R Zoom Lens.


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Olympus E-PL3 Digital SLR

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Olympus E-PL3

You love preserving memories, but you're ready for more creativity. More control. More options for capturing unforgettable images. The Olympus PEN E-PL3 Digital SLR delivers a range of innovative features that let you express yourself in exciting new ways. Its high-resolution 3-inch articulating LCD features a new interface that increases visibility while also making it easy to access menus. Shoot in full HD 1080i 60 fps movie mode with the simple press of a button. Explore more creative options with six built-in art filters with variations and effects. Meet your need for greater speed with a new AF System that rivals the speed of DSLRs. And rely on its 12.3 MP Live MOS Image Sensor and TruePic VI image processing engine for superb color and detail.

This high resolution easy-to-view 3-inch LCD has approximately twice the image resolution of conventional models. It displays captured images smoother and more beautifully, and it tilts to make it easy to capture high and low angle shots. To meet the demand for focusing speed, Olympus has introduced the FAST (Frequency Acceleration Sensor Technology) AF system. The FAST AF system features 35 focus points, and 5 fps continuous shooting as well as Tracking AF to ensure fast and accurate focus each and every time. A simple, one-touch button allows you to record full HD 1080i 60 fps movies with ease and simplicity. Choose between AVCHD or AVI for amazing clarity right from your camera. Six in-camera Art Filters (Pop Art Soft Focus, Grainy Film, Pin Hole, Diorama and Dramatic Tone) are enhanced by new filter variations and art upgrades such as color variations and image effects. You can explore your artistic side while taking both still shots and HD video right from your camera. Simply set the camera to iAuto, press OK to engage Live Guide, then use the new live wheel to easily navigate through numerous photographic effects. Make adjustments and watch the LCD as the effects are made live, then applied -- before the image or movie is captured.

Olympus E-PL3 Key Features

Olympus E-PL3 Digital SLR Supplied Accessories:
  • M.Zuiko Digital 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 II R Lens
  • FL-LM1 Flash
  • BLS-1 Li-Ion Battery Pack
  • BCS-1 Li-Ion Battery Charger
  • USB/Video Multi Cable
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Olympus [ib] software CD-ROM
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card
Olympus E-PL3 3-inch Tiliting LCD Monitor
In-Body Image Stabilization (3 Modes)
Capture sharp images on the go with the camera's in-body Image Stabilization, which virtually eliminates blur with any lens attached. A type of image stabilizer is built directly into the camera. This enables the photo-enhancing effects of image stabilization to be enjoyed irrespective of the attached lens. A gyro sensor detects the precise direction of the shake. Using the on-board Super-Sonic Wave Drive, the shake is then compensated for by shifting the image sensor according to the movement data. For quick response at long focal lengths, the camera is equipped with two dedicated microprocessors: one to control the two supersonic motors that shift the unit vertically and horizontally, and one to provide high-precision control.

Three IS modes handle any situation. The IS-1 mode is for general shooting and adjusts the sensor on both the horizontal and vertical planes to compensate for movement by the photographer so images stay sharp in low light even at slow shutter speeds. To capture the motion of moving subjects, the E-PL3 offers two specialized modes: IS-2 mode is ideal for capturing a runner or cyclist traveling by in the horizontal mode, preserving the sense of motion while panning; IS-3 mode achieves the same effect when the camera is held vertically. In either mode, the artistic effects of panning enhance the shot and render the subject in sharp detail with blurred background.

12.3 Megapixel Live MOS Image Sensor
The E-PL3's high-performance 12.3-megapixel Live MOS image sensor delivers excellent dynamic range, accurate color fidelity, and a state-of-the-art amplifier circuit to reduce noise and capture fine image details in both highlight and shadow areas. The 12.3-megapixel sensor gives photographers the flexibility to blow up their prints to the large sizes supported by many of today's printers, or crop the image to print only a part of the image that is important to them. With an image sensor 10x larger than a standard point-and-shoot camera, users will capture more realistic color and detail than they ever thought possible with a camera of this size.

The High Speed Live MOS Sensor is a high-performance image sensor that enables Live View capabilities and fast sequential shooting for D-SLR cameras. It combines the advanced specifications of a Full Frame Transfer (FFT) CCD with the low power requirement of a CMOS. Photodiodes are deeply embedded in the sensor to suppress image noise. The faithful reproduction of subject details with rich tones and natural, vibrant colors characterise this type of sensor. Utilizing new Fine Detail Processing Technology for greater detail in the photograph, the sensor is optimized to maximize the performance of all M. Zuiko digital lenses in all shooting conditions.

TruePic VI Image Processor for Clarity and Speed
Olympus' TruePic VI Image Processor, designed specifically for the Olympus PEN, features Real Color Technology for improved color reproduction and faster speeds. The TruePic VI Image processor delivers excellent dynamic range, newly expanded color accuracy and fidelity plus reduced noise, all the way up to 12800 ISO. Fine Detail Processing technology captures more details in every nuance. In combination with a faster and more sensitive 12.3 Megapixel sensor, TruePic VI ensures outstanding picture quality, especially in low light.
Olympus E-PL3 3-inch Tiliting LCD Monitor
3-inch 460,000 Pixel Tiliting LCD
The high resolution easy-to-view 3-inch LCD has approximately twice the image resolution of conventional models. It displays captured images smoother and more beautifully, and it tilts to make it easy to capture high and low angle shots. By pulling out and angling the 3-inch display, you can comfortably frame and capture unusual perspectives, even with the camera at arm's length. For example, if you need to shoot over the heads of a crowd or focus on an insect by your ankles without bending down.
Full HD 1080i 60 fps Movie
Olympus PEN series cameras put you in the director's chair, offering a new level of freedom to the creative shooting experience and enabling instant experimentation, feedback and gratification. For the first time, the Olympus PEN E-PL3 features full 1080i HD Video at 60 frames per second. Push the direct HD video button to instantly start filming your HD video with a choice between ACVHD and AVI formats with uncompressed CD-quality 16 bit/44.1kHz Linear PCM stereo recording or AC3 Dolby Digital Audio.
FAST AF System Featuring 35 Focus Points And Tracking AF
To meet the demand for focusing speed, Olympus has developed the FAST (Frequency Acceleration Sensor Technology) AF system. Driven by the powerful Olympus TruePic VI processor, the FAST AF system focuses quicker* than any other camera with interchangeable lenses, giving PEN owners the very best chance of capturing fast-moving shots. The FAST AF Tracking System features 35 separate focus points spread over nearly the entire sensor, enabling pin-point focusing accuracy on small subjects wherever they appear in the frame. Selectable 3x3 groups within the 35-point area are especially effective when shooting active subjects. In low light conditions, the built-in AF Illuminator compensates for potential loss of accuracy while new AF tracking technology ensures subjects stay sharp even when they move in and out of the frame. Press the shutter button halfway to focus; the camera then tracks and maintains focus on the current subject while the shutter button is held in this position. Another useful option is Full Time AF -- the focus is always active so the image is always in focus and the camera doesn't waste time focusing when the user applies pressure to the shutter release.

* As of June 2011
Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 II R
Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 II R Zoom Lens Included
The Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 II R Zoom Lens is included with this EP-3 kit. Boasting a brand new, optimized overall design, the latest generation of the M.Zuiko Digital standard 3X zoom lens is here. The Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6 II R features a 35mm equivalent focal length of 28 - 84 mm. With the world's first retractable mechanism design, the 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6 II R lens is extremely compact with an overall length of just 1.7 inches. Covering wide-angle to a moderate telephoto suitable to portrait shooting, this lens is suitable for a wide range of applications, including day-to-day shooting and travel photography.

With a digital-dedicated design as well as multi-coating on all lens surfaces, this Micro Four Thirds lens boasts very high imaging performance. Bearing the MSC (Movie-Still-Compatible) logo, this lens utilizes nearly silent focusing technology, that not only removes annoying lens drive noise picked up during HD movie recording, but offers increases in Auto-Focus speeds when capturing stills. However fast your subject and however far away, this lens has the capabilities to rise to challenge and deliver stunning visual results.

Olympus MSC (Movie and Still Compatible) Micro Four Thirds lenses are the perfect choice for capturing amazing still photography and HD video with your Olympus PEN. A super-fast, smooth autofocus makes sure your subject is always the star and the silent focusing motor ensures pristine sound for your biggest productions.

All-Digital Interchangeable M.Zuiko® Lenses
Most other digital SLR cameras use traditional 35mm film lenses on digital bodies. But since those lenses are based on designs from the beginning of the last century for film and not for pixels, they deliver insufficient light at the edges of a digital camera's image sensor. This can result in reduced sharpness and color definition, particularly when shooting with wide-angle lenses. Olympus PEN Digital SLRs do not have this problem, because they accommodates the full line of interchangeable M.Zuiko Digital Specific Lenses™ designed specifically for digital capture with smart technology that allows the lenses to communicate with the camera to ensure the best possible image quality.

Olympus dedicated digital optics paired with the 100% digital Olympus PEN Digital SLRs render sharpness and contrast more consistently at any given f-stop. The lenses are matched to the Micro FourThirds System standard image sensor for the optimal balance between image quality, camera and lens size, and expandability. With an array of digital specific lenses to choose from that are smaller and lighter than comparable 35mm film lenses, it's easy to select the ideal instruments to bring along when you don't want to lug a lot of heavy, bulky gear.

Olympus E-PL3
Six In-Camera Art Filters Plus Art Filter Effects
If you're hoping to get more out of your camera than simply capturing and documenting a scene, and enjoy enhancing or customizing an image to make it your own, then you will value the E-PL3's Art Filters. The filters, which are built into the camera, provide incredible individual artistic control over an image, and remove the need to spend time altering images on the computer with editing software. All six filters can be applied oncamera to both HD movies and stills and some filters can even be combined to startling effect. Using Art Filter Bracketing, you can experiment with different looks by simultaneously applying different filters to one and the same shot. The six Art Filters at the touch of a button can be combined with up to five additional Art Filter Effects, including Starlight and White Edge.
  • Pop Art: Enhances colors, making them stronger and more vivid to create high-impact pictures that express the happy, light-hearted feeling of the pop art style.
  • Soft Focus: Creates a soft tone which gives pictures an ethereal, otherworldly atmosphere. It renders pictures as though they were veiled in heavenly light, without obscuring details such as the hair or flower petals.
  • Grainy Film: This effect recreates the feeling of reality evoked by grainy, high-contrast monochrome pictures. The strong presence and dramatic atmosphere make the subject stand out impressively.
  • Pin Hole: Reduces the peripheral brightness like an image seen through a pinhole. Added to this is a unique color tone that results in a style that has an air of secrecy or portrays the feeling of being lost in another dimension or space.
  • Diorama: Enhances a composition's depth of field to give the image an unreal touch and render a miniature model photo effect.
  • Dramatic Tone: Applies unrealistic tones of light and darkness.
3D Photos
The Olympus PEN E-PL3 adds a new dimension to photographs by shooting dynamic 3D photos in any situation from macro to landscape. Recreate a sense of depth like that of the original scene. Simply select the 3D Photo Mode, release the shutter, and slowly pan until the camera automatically takes a second image from a slightly different perspective. The 3D data is processed in-camera resulting in an .MPO file, the universal industry 3D format for easy display on 3D televisions or laptops.
Patented Dust Reduction Technology for Spot-Free Photos
Dust and dirt -- whether it gets inside when the lens is changed or is produced by friction inside the camera when the shutter is opened and closed repeatedly -- is the photographer's biggest enemy. Once it gets on the low-pass filter or the image sensor, even tiny specks of dust will show up in your photographs, spoiling what would otherwise be a great shot. Olympus has always viewed dust as a critical issue in digital SLR cameras and solved it by incorporating a SSWF (Super-Sonic Wave Filter) unit that literally shakes the dust loose so it can be collected with a dust absorber. Activated whenever the camera is powered on or when Live View is in use, the SSWF unit vibrates at supersonic speeds, removing dirt and dust that cannot be removed simply by moving the image sensor up and down. This system can even remove fine dust attached by intermolecular force that cannot be removed by static electric discharge.

With the E-PL3's Dust Reduction System, changing lenses in the field (or in your family room) won't ruin your images. Your photos will be spot-free, without you needing to retouch them on a computer.

Bundled Flash With Wireless Flash Control
If you decide to venture into the arena of advanced lighting, the E-PL3 is ready to meet the challenge. The powerful bundled flash incorporates a commander function for combined operation with wireless flashes, a feature already proven on Olympus's flagship DSLR, the E-5. When the FL-50R and/or FL-36R external flashes are used, multiple flashes can be controlled without either connection cables or an external commander. Settings (including flash mode and intensity) can be adjusted on the LCD panel on the back of the camera. The E-PL3 can control up to three wireless flash groups independently, with several flash units per group.
Multiple Exposure Shooting
Multiple exposures are possible with the E-PL3. In Live View shooting, two images or previously shot RAW data is used as the base image and the final photo can be monitored by overlapping the image to be added on the LCD. Two images can be superimposed in a single multiple exposure sequence while three RAW images can even be over combined in editing mode.
Multi-Aspect Ratio Shooting
The E-PL3 lets photographers choose from four different aspect ratios that enable individualised framing of scenes. These provide a new means of adding expression to shots and the selected ratio can be seen directly on the camera's LCD. The available aspect ratios include: 16:9, 3:2, 4:3 and 6:6.
Live View In HD Movie And Still Mode
Face Detection
The E-PL3's Face Detection feature distinguishes between people's faces and the background. It tracks up to eight faces within the image area and automatically focuses and optimizes exposure for sharp, brilliant portrait pictures. Even if your subjects are moving, the camera continuously tracks their faces.
Shadow Adjustment Technology
Shooting scenes with shadows can be tricky because of the extreme contrast between dark and bright areas. The E-PL3 addresses this challenge with Shadow Adjustment Technology that compensates for extreme contrast when shadow areas are underexposed and lack visible detail. Now users can preview and capture images with the same fine contrast they see with their own eyes.
Live Guide in Stills and Movies
To make the most of excellent optics and to get the very best shots, camera settings need to be spot on. For an amateur, that's often a challenge that ends in frustration. Not with the E-PL3, and Live Guide is the key. Live Guide lets you easily master the settings that make all the difference -- motion and background blur, colour intensity, lighting mood and brightness. In a typical shooting situation, the Live Guide helps blur out the background to make a shot more dramatic and show off the foreground to the best effect. To achieve this, you'd normally have to adjust the depth of field using the lens or menu, but with Live Guide you just press a dial to move a bar up and down until you see the shot you want on the LCD. The E-PL3 chooses the right settings automatically. Adjusting more permanent settings in the menu is simpler too, now that each menu choice has a popup window with a description of how it works. And for other menu settings that need adjusting more regularly, Olympus have fitted a row of fast-access buttons -- on the top of the camera right next to the shutter release.
SD / SDHC / SDXC Memory Card Storage Media
Olympus digital SLR cameras offer SD / SDHC / SDXC Memory Card capability for up to 64 gigabytes of capacity.
Eye-Fi Card Compatibility
Ready to upload and share images of your adventures live, as they happen? The EP-3 is compatible with Eye-Fi SD cards (sold separately) adding Wi-Fi capability to the camera, enabling you to automatically upload images to your computer as you take them. Share your pictures of sandcastles right from the beach by uploading your shots immediately.
Simultaneous RAW and JPEG Image Recording
A choice of two image formats is offered: RAW and JPEG. If desired, image data can be simultaneously recorded in RAW and JPEG with the RAW+JPEG format.
A Choice of Two Color Space Settings
Users can choose from two color space settings according to their needs: sRGB, which is the standard for computer monitor viewing and inkjet printer output, and Adobe® RGB, which is widely used for commercial applications.
Contrast and Sharpness Controls
Contrast and sharpness can be set to any of five levels. So whether users want pro-quality tonal fidelity or sharp vibrant colors, they can customize each image to suit their preference.
White Balance
Seven preset white balance settings (3000K - 7500K) are available, with ±7-step fine-tuning available in Auto WB and Preset WB mode. A one-touch white balance function allows users to store and retrieve two frequently used white balance settings at the touch of a button.
Accessory Port 2
Thanks to Accessory Port 2, users can also select from the ever-growing family of PEN-dedicated accessories, including the Bluetooth-compatible PENPAL that automatically reformats still photos for wireless transfer to other compatible devices and social media.
Noise Reduction
The noise reduction function uses a proprietary Olympus algorithm to detect and eliminate the fixed noise that can appear on long-exposure images.
RGB Histogram Information Display
The E-PL3 will display an individual histogram for each color channel (RGB) as well as the overall luminance of the exposure. This information is valuable to the more advanced user who may need to alter the exposure for specific output sources. A display that identifies overexposed highlights or underexposed shadow areas is also an option in image playback mode.
Self-timer and Remote Control
The built-in self-timer offers a choice of 12-second or 2-second delay. An optional Olympus RM-UC1 Remote Shutter Release is available and can be plugged into the camera's USB 2.0 high-speed port to remotely fire the camera.

Olympus E-PL3 Specifications

Live View digital camera with interchangeable lens system
SD / SDHC / SDXC Memory Card, UHS-I compatible), Eye-Fi, Class 6 is recommended for Movie shooting
Imager Size H x V
17.3 x 13mm
Image Sensor
Type: High speed Live MOS Sensor
Effective Pixel Number: Approx. 12.3 million pixels
Total Pixel Number: Approx. 13.1 million pixels
Aspect: 1.33 (4:3)
Filter Array: Primary color filter (RGB)
Dust Protection: SuperSonic Wave Filter (dust reduction system for image sensor)
Lens Mount
Micro Four Thirds Mount

Recording System

Still Image Recording Format
DCF, DPOF compatible/Exif, PRINT Image Matching III
Still Image File Format
RAW (12-bit lossless compression), JPEG, RAW+JPEG, MPO (3D still)
Still Image Size
RAW: 4032 x 3024 pixels
JPEG: 4032 x 3024 pixels - 640 x 480 pixels
Still Image File Size
RAW: 4032 x 3024 (approx. 1/1.5 lossless compressed) Approx. 13.8MB
Set1(LF): 4032 x 3024 (1/4 compressed) Approx. 5.9MB
Set2(LN): 4032 x 3024 (1/8 compressed) Approx. 2.7MB
Set3(MN): 2560 x 1920 (1/8 compressed) Approx. 1.1MB
Set4(SN): 1024 x 768 (1/8 compressed) Approx. 0.3MB
Movie Recording
Recording format: AVI Motion JPEG, AVCHD
AVCHD Format:
Full HD Fine : 1920 x 1080, 60i Recording, 20Mbps, Aspect 16:9
Full HD Normal : 1920 x 1080, 60i Recording, 17Mbps, Aspect 16:9
HD Fine : 1280 x 720, 60p Recording), 17Mbps, Aspect 16:9
HD Normal : 1280 x 720, 60p Recording, 13Mbps, Aspect 16:9
Frame rate of image sensor output is 30fps
File Size: Max 4GB
Maximum Recording Time: Max 29min (Full HD Normal/HD Fine/HD Normal : 29min, Full HD Fine : 22min)
Motion-JPEG Format:
HD: 1280 x 720, 30fps (Some Art Filters are exceptional), Aspect 16:9
SD: 640 x 480, 30fps (Some Art Filters are exceptional), Aspect 4:3(VGA)
Compression Ratio: 1/12 (HD), 1/8 (SD)
File Size: Max 2GB
Maximum Recording Time: HD: 7min, SD: 14min (There are exceptions with select Art Filters)
Sound Recording
Recording format:
AVCHD Format: Dolby Digital
Motion-JPEG Format / Picture with Sound: Wave Format Base (Stereo PCM/16bit, 48kHz)
Maximum recording time Picture with Sound: 30sec, Movie: depends on movie recording time
Mic/Speaker: Stereo/Mono

Live View

High speed Live MOS Sensor
Field Of View
Display Modes
Normal Mode, Grid Line Mode (4 types), Histogram Mode, Magnified View Mode, Comparable View Mode, OFF
Magnification Ratio
x5, x7, x10 (Default), x14
Monitor Information
Aperture value, Shutter speed, Auto Bracket, AE Lock, AF mode, IS, Shooting Mode, Battery Check, Myset, Internal Temperature Warning, Face / Eye Detection, Histogram, Number of storable still pictures, Record mode, ISO, Sequential shooting, Self-timer, White Balance, Metering Mode, AF confirmation mark, Exposure Compensation Value, Spot metering Area; Flash Mode, Flash Status, Flash intensity Control, Super FP; Touch panel condition, Focusing length, Tone control, Eye-Fi condition
Face Detection
Max 8 frames of face detection can be displayed
High speed imager AF

Image Stabilizer

Built in (Imager shift image stabilizer)
OFF; 3 modes (2 dimensional activation, 1 dimensional activation in landscape frame to vertical direction moving, 1 dimensional activation in portrait frame to horizontal direction moving)
Manual Function
input focal length 8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 24, 28, 30, 35, 40, 48, 50, 55, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 100, 105, 120, 135, 150, 180, 200, 210, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000
Shutter Speed Range
2 - 1/4000 sec. (Not available when Bulb is selected)
IS for Movie
Shifting electronic image (so called Digital IS, IS1 mode only)


LCD, AR(Anti-Reflection) coating, Tilt function
3.0 inches diagonally, 16:9
Pixel Number
Approx. 460,000 pixels
Playback Field Of View
Approx. 100%
Brightness Control
± 7 levels
Color Temperature
± 7 levels


AF System
Imager Contrast Detection AF system; When non High-speed imager AF compatible lens is used, it works as AF assist
Focus Mode
Single AF (S-AF) / Continuous AF (C-AF) / Manual Focus (MF) / S-AF + MF / AF tracking (C-AF + TR)
C-AF and AF tracking are not available with non-Micro Four Thirds lenses. This is can be set in both recording mode, still and movie, separately.
Focus Point
35-area multiple AF with the contrast detection system (Auto, selectable in option)
Focus Point Selection
Auto from all 35 area, Single area from 35 area, Group Target area (9 area) from 35 area
Auto from almost all area when Face detection is ON
Free selection when Magnified View Mode is selected
AF Illuminator
AF Lock
Locked at first position of Shutter button in Single AF mode
Focus Tracking
Magnified Spot AF
Face priority AF/Eye Detect AF
Available; Eye Detect AF : OFF / Near side eye priority mode / Right side eye priority mode / Left side eye priority mode
Manual Focus Assist
When rotation of focus ring is detected under S-AF+MF or MF mode, LV is magnified automatically

Exposure Control

Still Image Light Metering System
TTL image sensor metering system
(1) Digital ESP metering (324-area multi pattern metering)
(2) Center weighted average metering
(3) Spot metering (approx. 1% for the viewfinder screen. Highlight / shadow bases are available)
Detection Range
EV 0 - 20 (Digital ESP metering, Center weighted average metering, Spot metering) (At normal temperature, 17mm f2.8, ISO 100)
Exposure Mode
iAuto / Program AE (Program shift can be performed) / Shutter Priority AE / Aperture Priority AE / Manual / Scene Select AE / Art Filter / Underwater wide / Underwater macro (Selectable from menu as a function on Rec/Fn button)
Scene Select AE
Portrait, e-Portrait, Landscape, Landscape + Portrait, Macro, Sport, Night Scene, Night + Portrait, Children, High Key, Low Key, DIS mode, Nature Macro, Candle, Sunset, Document, Panorama, Fireworks, Beach & Snow, Fisheye Conv, Wide Conv, Macro Conv, 3D
ISO Sensitivity
AUTO: ISO 200 - 12800 (customizable, Default 200-1600)
Manual: ISO 200 - 12800, 1/3 or 1 EV steps
Exposure Compensation
Up to ± 3 EV in 1, 1/2, or 1/3 EV steps selectable
AE Lock
Available (Using Fn1/Rec button is available)
Exposure Bracketing
2, 3 or 5 Frames in 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1 EV steps (Selectable), 7 frames in 0.3, 0.5, 0.7EV steps selectable
Metering Standard Value Adjustment
1/6 EV step, ± 1EV range
Exposure Control Movie
(1)P: Program AE (2) A: Aperture priority AE (3) S: Shutter speed priority AE (4) M:Manual (5) Art Filter
S mode and M mode : Shutter speed is limited to no more than 1/30 sec.

White Balance System

Auto WB system
High speed Live MOS sensor
Preset WB
Lamp (3000k), Fluorescent (4000k), Daylight (5300k), Flash (5500K), Cloudy (6000k), Shade (7500k), Underwater WB
WB Compensation
±7 steps in each A-B/G-M axis (in Auto WB / Preset WB mode / One touch WB)
Custom White Balance
1 setting can be registered at Kelvin temperature (2000K - 14000K)
One-Touch White Balance
2 custom settings can be registered
White Balance Bracketing
3 frames in 2, 4, 6 steps selectable in each A-B/G-M axis

Color System

Color Space
sRGB, Adobe RGB
Picture Mode
iEnhance, Vivid, Natural, Portrait, Muted, Monotone, Art Filter
Adjustment Parameters
Contrast, Sharpness and Saturation level available in 5 steps for iEnhance, Vivid, Natural, Muted and Portrait
Contrast and Sharpness level available in 5 steps for Monotone
3 effect levels are available in iEnhance
Filter Effect
Yellow, Orange, Red, Green filter available for Monotone mode
Sepia, Blue, Purple, Green available for Monotone mode
4 levels (auto, high key, normal, low key)
Art Filter bracketing

Noise Reduction

Noise Filter
at high ISO setting: OFF, LOW, STANDARD, HIGH
Noise Reduction
at slow shutter speed: OFF, ON, AUTO
ON (effective when shutter speed is slower than 1 sec)
AUTO (effective when shutter speed is slower than 4 sec (at ISO 200 or higher) or 8 sec (at lower than ISO 200)


Computerized Focal Plane Shutter
Shutter Speed
60 - 1/4000 sec.
Bulb: up to 30 min. selectable via menu (default: eight mins.)
1/3, 1/2, or 1EV steps selectable
Self Timer
12 or 2 Sec (possible to cancel)
Remote Cable Release
Available (with optional RM-UC1 Remote cable)
Wireless Remote Control
Not Available

Drive System

Drive Mode
Single-frame shooting, Sequential Shooting, Self-timer
Sequential Shooting Speed
Approx. 4.1 fps. in sequential shooting (5.5 fps with I.S. OFF)


Built-in flash not available, External flash is bundled: GN=10 (ISO 200.m)
Flash Control Mode
TTL Auto, Manual (Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64)
Color Temperature
5500°K ± 400°K
Wireless Flash Control
Available (4 channels, 4 groups) Bundled flash is usable as a center flash in case of wireless flash control.
Compatible External Flash
E-system Flash (FL-50R, FL-36R, FL-50, FL-36, FL-20, FL-14, FL-300R)
External Flash Control Mode
TTL Auto, Auto, Manual, FP-TTL-AUTO, FP-MANUAL
Flash Mode of External Flash
Auto, Red-eye Reduction, Red-eye Reduction Slow synchro, Slow synchro at 1st curtain, Slow synchro at 2nd curtain, Fill-in, Off
Synchronization Speed
1/60 - 1/180
Super FP 1/125 - 1/4000 with External Flash
Intensity Control
Up to ±3 EV in 0.3, 0.5, 1 EV steps

Art Filter

Pop Art, Soft Focus, Grainy Film, Pin Hole, Diorama, Dramatic Tone
Variation / Effect

Multi Exposure

Number Of Pictures
2 pictures
Auto gain, Live View, Exposing on Recorded picture

Multi Aspect

Aspect Ratio
4:3 (Default) / 3:2 / 16:9 / 6:6 / 3:4
RAW: Aspect ratio is recorded as Exif data
JPEG: JPEG image is produced based on the aspect ratio

Level Gauge

Not Available


Super Control Panel Information (Shooting)
Battery information, Shooting mode, Shutter speed, Aperture value, Exposure compensation value, ISO sensitivity, Exposure compensation indicator, Exposure indicator, Flash intensity compensation indicator, Date, Auto BKT setting, NR setting, WB, WB compensation value, Record mode, Flash Status, Record mode, Image size, Drive mode, Flash intensity compensation value, Metering mode, Recordable still image number, Focusing mode, AF frame, Color space, Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, Internal Temperature Warning, Gradation, IS activating mode, Face detection, My Mode, Multi Exposure, Aspect Ratio, Super FP
Live Control Information (Shooting)
Battery information, Shooting mode, Shutter speed, Aperture value, Exposure compensation value, ISO sensitivity, Exposure compensation indicator, Exposure indicator, Flash intensity compensation indicator, Date, Auto BKT setting, NR setting, WB, Record mode, Flash Status, Image size, Drive mode, Flash intensity compensation value, Metering mode, Recordable still image number, Focusing mode, AF frame, Internal Temperature Warning, IS activating mode, Face detection, My Mode, Multi Exposure, Aspect Ratio
Live Guide Setting Menu
Color saturation, Color image, Brightness, Blur Background, Express Motion, Shooting Tips


Playback Modes
Single-frame, Information Display, Index Display (4/9/25/100 frames, Calendar), Close-up (2 - 14X), Movie (w/sound, FF/REW/Pause), Picture rotation (manual), Slideshow (Still/Movie/Still+Movie, Slide show with BGM/BGM+Sound/Sound), When a camera is connected to HDTV with HDMI cable, 2 new slideshow effect can be selectable. (Still)
Information Display
Histogram (independent luminance/RGB available), Highlight/Shadow point warning, AF frame, Shooting information


Universal Design
Color Universal Design Organization has approved
Menu Languages
Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Croat, Slovenian, Hungarian, Greek, Slovakian, Turkish, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Rumanian, Indonesian, Malay, Thai
Custom & Reset
My mode - 4 settings are recordable
Erase/Protection Function
Erase Mode: Single frames, All frames, Selected frames (from Index)
Image Protect Mode: Single frames, Selected frames, All Frames, Release protect (Single/All)
Edit Functions
RAW Edit Mode: RAW Development based on settings of the camera (including Art Filter)
JPEG Mode: Shadow adjustment, Red-eye fix, Cropping, Aspect, Monotone, Sepia, Saturation (color depth), Resize (producing another file), 1280x960, 640x480, 320x240), ePortrait
Image Overlay: Up to 3 RAW images
Print Function
Print reservation (DPOF), Direct print (PictBridge compatible)
PC Interface
USB 2.0 Full Speed for storage and camera control through Multi-connector (MTP mode is available)
HD / Mono or Stereo Sound) Mini HDMI type-C (1080i / 720p / 576p / 480p)
USB/Video Connector
Dedicated multi-connector (Video: SD / Mono Sound; NTSC/PAL selectable, Optional Remote cable RM-UC1 USB cable is available)
Flash Attachment
Hot shoe
Accessory Attachment
Accessory port (AP2) works with VF-2, SEMA-1, Macro Arm Light MAL-1 and PENPAL Bluetooth Communication Device
Power Supply
Battery: BLS-1 Li-ion battery (included)
Sleep mode: Available (1, 3, 5 min., off selectable)
No. of recordable pictures: Approx. 300 shots (with 50% flash light, BLS-1 under CIPA testing standard)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
4.31 x 2.50 x 1.46 inches excluding protrusions
Approx. 9.3 oz. body only
Approx. 11.0 oz. including Battery and Memory card
Operating Environment
Operating Range: 32°F to 104°F 30% to 90% relative humidity
Storage Range: -4°F to 140°F 10% to 90% relative humidity

Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer.

Olympus E-PL3 Digital SLR

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