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Canon VK-64 Network Video Recording Software

Canon VK-64 Network Video Recording Software

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Canon VK-64 Network Video Recording Software makes security, surveillance and remote monitoring more versatile and accurate than ever, with the powerful ability to record full motion video from up to 64 cameras on one storage server. In contrast to analog-based systems, which require video to be recorded onto tape, the VK-64 software allows video to be recorded onto a hard drive, making archiving and searching easier and more efficient.

The software gives users a wide variety of recording options including: continuous, sensor event, motion-detection, scheduled, and pre/post alarms recording. Playback can be controlled in fast-forward/rewind (forwarding speeds at 2x/5x/10x), frame by frame, and for simultaneous playback of multiple sources. Compatible with Canon's VB-C10/VB-C10R, VB101 and VB150 camera servers, VK-64 utilizes M-JPEG compression, and is capable of recording up to 640 X 480 resolution video with a frame up to 30fps (approximately 2fps when 64 cameras are used).

Canon VK-64 Key Features

Record Live Video From Up To 64 Canon Camera Servers
Record live video from up to 64 Canon camera servers on one storage server (Optionally, up to 3 storage servers can be managed with one PC).
Choose From A Variety Of Recording Methods
Continuous, Scheduled, Sensor-event, Motion-detection, Pre/post alarm recording, Control to preset position
High Resolution And Frame Rate Available
Up to 640 X 480 resolution/30 frames per second is possible
Recorded Video Clips Can Be Played Back By Event Or Time
Video Can Be Exported
Recorded video clips can be exported into a separate video file for e-mailing or viewing on another computer.
Flexible Playback Controls
Fast-forward/rewind playback (forwarding speeds at 2x/5x/10x); Frame-by-frame advance, pause; Simultaneous playback multiple sources
For use with:
Network Camera Server VB101, VB150, Network Camera VB-C10, VB-C10R

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