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Canon Network Cameras and Security Feature Comparison Chart

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Features and Specifications

Canon VC-C50i
Canon VB-C300 VB-M700F Canon VB-M600D Canon VB-M600VE Canon VB-C60 Canon VB-M40
Type PTZ Camera PTZ Camera Fixed Camera Dome Camera Dome Camera PTZ Camera PTZ Camera
Built-in Network Server 1   x x x x x x
Superior Canon Optics 2 26x Optical, 12x Digital Zoom 2.4x Optical, 4x Digital Zoom 3x Optical Zoom 3x Optical Zoom 3x Optical Zoom 40x Optical, 4x Digital Zoom 20x Optical, 4x Digital Zoom
Built-in IR Light 3 x            
Low Light Imaging Capability Muinimum Subject Illumination (Color / B & W) 4 1 / 0 lux 1 / 0.25 lux 0.018 / 0.001 lux 0.018 / 0.001 lux 0.018 / 0.001 lux 0.7 / 0.2 lux 0.03 / 0.001 lux
Full Duplex, Two-Way Audio Support 5   x x x x x x
Power over Ethernet (PoE) 6   x x x x x x
Smart Shade Control 7     x x x x x
IPsec / HTTPS Support 8     x x x IPsec only x
On-board Video Analytics (Intelligent Function) 9     Moving Object, Removed Object, Abandoned Object, Volume Detection, Camera Tampering Moving Object, Removed Object, Abandoned Object, Volume Detection, Camera Tampering Moving Object, Removed Object, Abandoned Object, Volume Detection, Camera Tampering Moving Object Moving Object, Removed Object, Abandoned Object, Volume Detection, Camera Tampering

Features and Specifications

Canon VC-C50i
Canon VB-C300 VB-M700F Canon VB-M600D Canon VB-M600VE Canon VB-C60 Canon VB-M40
Vandal Resistance 10         x    
Weather Resistance 11         x    
Image Sensor, Effective Pixels 1/4-inch 340,000 pixels 1/4-inch 340,000 pixels 1/3-inch CMOS 1.3 MegaPixel 1/3-inch CMOS 1.3 MegaPixel 1/3-inch CMOS 1.3 MegaPixel 1/4-inch 310,000 pixels 1/3-inch CMOS 1.3 MegaPixel
Maximum Resolution 640 X 480 1280 X 960 640 X 480 1280 X 960 1280 X 960 640 X 480 1280 X 960
Pan Angle Range VC-C50i: ±100°
VC-C50iR: ±170°
±170° N/A ±175° ±175° ±170° ±170°
Tilt Angle Range VC-C50i: +90/-30°
VC-C50iR: +10/-90°
VB-C300: +90/-25°
VB-C300R: +25/-90°
N/A ±75° ±75° Upright: +90/-25°
Ceiling: +25/-90°
Upright: +90/-10°
Ceiling: +10/-90°
Video Compression Format N/A MJPEG H.264 / JPEG H.264 / JPEG H.264 / JPEG MPEG-4 / JPEG H.264 / JPEG

Canon Network Cameras Feature Explanations:

1 - Built-in Network Server
The Canon Network Cameras can be connected to the Internet or your LAN in an instant. The camera's built-in Web and FTP server supports many protocols for easy, direct connection to the web and practically any network. Once connected, you're ready for a world of IP monitoring and webcast applications. Up to 50 viewers can access the system simultaneously. The VB-C300 PTZ Camera's built-in network server allows for viewing for up to 15 clients at the same time.
2 - Superior Canon Optics
To satisfy all of your imaging needs, Canon Network and Security Cameras feature Canon's high precision optical zoom lens. Images are crisp and bright. The VC-C50i and VC-C50iR cameras boast one of the best magnifications in the industry, thanks to a genuine Canon 26x optical zoom lens and 12x digital zoom (312x combined). Teamed with Canon's professional quality photo optics, it's perfect for detailed monitoring of large areas. The VB-C60 has an ultra-long built-in zoom (40x optical) and wide angle lens (56-degree horizontal field of view), as well as an Auto Focus system and Image Stabilization.

Incorporating a Genuine Canon 2.4x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom Lens with 4x Digital Zoom, the VB-C300 PTZ Camera has an Auto Focus system designed to keep the majority of the camera's image plane in sharp detail. The advanced lens design reduces the "fish-eye" distortion typical of extreme wide-angle lenses.

3 - Built-in IR Light
A Night Mode with built-in infrared light allows theses cameras to capture clear black and white images even in complete darkness, allowing security administrators to increase their viewing options in dark parking lots, at university campuses, hospitals, and warehouse facilities.
4 - Low Light Imaging Capability
Security professionals require clear images even in dark environments, and now they can monitor dimly lit locations with Canon's network cameras. With a high-sensitivity CCD and low light sensitivity, they're able to capture color video in as little as one lux or less of illumination.
5 - Full Duplex, Two-Way Audio Support
Full duplex, two-way audio support allows the Network Camera to both send and receive audio simultaneously, which enables security professionals monitoring its video to hear and speak to people appearing on-camera, while using a microphone. Security professionals can speak into a microphone connected to their monitoring PC and be heard at the camera's location through a powered speaker connected to the camera
6 - Power over Ethernet (PoE)
The Power Over Ethernet feature allows the camera to utilize a single Ethernet cable for data transmission and to power the camera. Because Power Over Ethernet makes a separate cable for electrical power unnecessary, this feature simplifies installation in single or multi-camera systems, particularly at sites where AC outlets are not readily accessible, resulting in faster and more cost effective installation.
7 - Smart Shade Control
If the background of an image is too bright to see main subjects, the VB-C60 allows you adjust the contrast of the darker areas to make it easier to see. Unlike backlight compensation, the shade correction adjusts darker areas of the image, while maintaining the brightness of the brighter areas, so the background image remains clear. Since this process occurs in the camera, image degradation is minimized and the load on the system is reduced.
8 - IPsec / HTTPS Support
IPsec (IP security) and HTTPS are each a set of protocols for securing IP communications by encrypting data streams. IPsec secures the data flow to and from the camera, and ensures that only authorized users have access. For security in network communication, most Canon Network Cameras support HTTPS as well as IPsec encryption.
9 - On-board Video Analytics (Intelligent Function)
The VB-M40 includes a variety of Video Analytics: Moving Object Detection, Removed Object Detection, Abandoned Object Detection, Sound Volume Detection and Camera Tampering Detection. The detection area, sensitivity and duration can be finely tuned, allowing for precise event detection by the camera, while advanced notification tools can notify predesignated parties, saving valuable response time.

Motion Detection and Auto Tracking (VB-C60): Automatic image capture activated by schedule, motion detection, or contact sensor. Four areas can be selected for motion detection with the ability to set sensitivity, area ratio, and duration of detected movement. These settings can be independently set in each of the four areas. Auto tracking gives the camera the ability to pan and tilt once motion is detected, and capture this movement automatically. Pre-recorded audio can also be set to play back.

10 - Vandal Resistance
The VB-M600VE contains a damping mechanism that allows the lens to move 15mm inside the camera body. This, with a vandal-resistant enclosure, allows for the camera to absorb impacts. The VB-M600VE is housed in a polycarbonate/aluminum dome that can absorb impacts from all angles.
11 - Weather Resistance
The VB-M600VE is both dust and water resistant with an Ingress Resistant Rating of IP66, which can keep out heavy sprays of water at any angle. The VB-M600VE can be purchased with an optional heater that allows for camera operation down to -22° F (needs AC 24V).
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