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Canon VB-C60 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera

Smart Shade Control
Canon VB-C60 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera
Canon VB-C60 Network Camera

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Canon VB-C60 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera

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Canon VB-C60 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera

Offering unprecedented performance and value, the Canon VB-C60 Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Network Camera is designed as a versatile, compact solution for high-quality, remote-video monitoring over IP and can be used for many diverse applications, including monitoring property and facilities, surveillance in hospitals and schools, or web conferencing in board rooms. Featuring Genuine Canon Optics, the VB-C60 has an ultra-long built-in zoom (40x optical) and wide angle lens (56-degree horizontal field of view), as well as an Auto Focus system and Image Stabilization.

The VB-C60 PTZ Network Camera's wide panning range ( 170) which, combined with the 56- degree wide angle lens, provides coverage for a full 360-degree horizontal field-of-view. When viewing moving objects, images remain clear thanks to a high-sensitivity progressive-scan CCD and advanced auto focus system. The camera also features Panorama Image Creation in which the entire viewing range is stitched together into one image. This allows the user to quickly move the camera to any specific portion within the cameras viewing range. Additionally, the user can utilize the Pre-set Tour function, allowing for up to 20 camera positions to be pre-set and viewed at specified intervals.

The VB-C60 features several image enhancement functions. Image Stabilizer effectively works to compensate for image blur caused by exterior vibrations. Smart Shade Control automatically adjusts the contrast between bright and dark areas of an image for optimum detail display. With Auto Day/Night Capability, the camera automatically switches to night mode depending upon lighting conditions.

Canon VB-C60 Key Features

Included Accessories
  • Ceiling Bracket
  • Ceiling Mount Cover
  • Safety Wire
  • Power Connector
  • CD-ROM
  • Template
  • Users Manual
Canon VB-C60 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera
Normal and Reverse Mount
A ceiling bracket and ceiling mount cover are included for ceiling installations.
Built-in Network Server
The VB-C60 Network Camera can be connected to the Internet or your LAN in an instant. The camera's built-in Web and FTP server automatically assigns an IP address and provides various supports for networking protocols, including DHCP for easy, direct connection to the web and practically any network. Once connected, you're ready for a world of IP monitoring and webcast applications. The built-in web server and FTP server provide easy viewing access for up to 15 clients simultaneously, beneficial for on-line applications as such as Internet-based remote monitoring and Web-based attraction viewing at tourist destinations and in university settings. The diverse functionality of the VB-C60 camera enables up to 20 preset positions with a preset tour feature that allows automatic panning, tilting and zooming.
Genuine Canon Optics: 40X Optical Zoom Lens / 4X Digital Zoom / 160X Combined Zoom
Featuring Genuine Canon Optics, the VB-C60 has an ultra-long built-in zoom (40x optical) and wide angle lens (56-degree horizontal field of view), as well as an Auto Focus system and Image Stabilization. Thanks to Canon's optical technology, the VB-C60 ultra-long zoom is able to maintain edge-to-edge tonal accuracy and clarity through the entire zoom range. The Canon high-precision aspherical lens allows for high-resolution video in a variety of conditions. Colors remain true due to use of low dispersion glass. The bright F1.6 diameter lens combined with high-sensitivity CCD provides optimal contrast even in low light. The infrared lens coating minimizes ghosting due to infrared rays and increases night mode sensitivity. The lens system is built upon Canon video camera technology to provide high quality continuous video capture that is equipped to handle diverse lighting conditions and temperatures throughout the day.
Image Stabilizer
Image Stabilizer effectively works to compensate for image blur caused by exterior vibrations. This is useful against building vibration or strong winds, like when the camera is installed on an outdoor pole.
1/4" 310,000 Effective Pixel Progressive Scan CCD
The VB-C60 utilizes a progressive-scan CCD to allow for the capture of noise-less, high quality video (Motion JPEG or MPEG-4) of moving subjects. Genuine Canon optics combined with the high-sensitivity CCD provides optimal contrast, and the primary-color CCD also delivers excellent colors and tonal quality, even in low light.
Smart Shade Control
If the background of an image is too bright to see main subjects, the VB-C60 allows you adjust the contrast of the darker areas to make it easier to see. Unlike backlight compensation, the shade correction adjusts darker areas of the image, while maintaining the brightness of the brighter areas, so the background image remains clear. Since this process occurs in the camera, image degradation is minimized and the load on the system is reduced.
Canon VB-C60 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera
Excellent Low-Light Performance
Security professionals require clear images even in dark environments, and now they can monitor dimly lit locations with Canon's VB-C60 Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera. The camera will capture clear color images in dim lighting all the way down to 0.7 lu of lightx thanks to a highly-sensitive CCD, bright lens and slow shutter capability.
Auto Day / Night Capability
The Auto Day/Night feature switches automatically in dark night-time conditions. You can select up to five different brightness levels for Auto Day/Night switching, to provide options for a wider range of environments. Capable of capturing color images of subjects with brightness as low as 0.7 lux (1/30 sec.), the VB-C60 is ideal for video monitoring of locations with variable lighting.
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
The Power Over Ethernet feature allows the camera to utilize a single Ethernet cable for data transmission and to power the camera. Because Power Over Ethernet makes a separate cable for electrical power unnecessary, this feature simplifies installation in single or multi-camera systems, particularly at sites where AC outlets are not readily accessible, resulting in faster and more cost effective installation.
IPsec Support
IPsec (IP security) is a set of protocols for securing IP communications by encrypting data streams. IPsec secures the data flow to and from the camera, and ensures that only authorized users have access.
Browser Access Restriction
The VB-C60 provides three levels of user access to ensure security. In addition to the Administrator who has control of the entire system, users can be divided into registered users (Authorized) and general users (Anonymous). Each type of user has access to different monitoring functions and camera control as specified by the administrator. The most basic level of access (general users) doesn't require registration making the VB-C60 suited for webcasting applications, too.
Three Light Metering Modes
The VB-C60 offers three selectable metering modes, or methods for measuring brightness (amount of light) of subjects to set the exposure. This is a first in this class of network cameras. Choose from Average, Center-Weighted or Spot, which can be switched depending on the shooting condition.
Seven-Level Automatic Exposure Compensation
Automatic exposure compensation offers seven levels of correction. Compared to other cameras where only positive correction for backlit situations is available the VB-C60 has negative correction for overly bright situations, so you can set the white balance and the light source to match the installation site.
Shutter Priority Auto Exposure
The VB-C60 allows you to select a desired shutter speed, and the camera will then set the matching aperture value for a proper exposure. If you change the shutter speed, or the light level changes, the camera adjusts the aperture accordingly. This is useful for fast-moving subjects such as cars in motion, where setting a fast shutter speed will ensure blur-free capture.
Viewer-Controlled Pan, Tilt and Zoom
A wide range of on-screen controls, and a precision mechanism that minimizes shaking and vibration make it easy to adjust pan, tilt and zoom to the exact view you need. The VB-C60 has an extremely wide pan and tilt range and provides coverage for a full 360 degrees horizontal field of view (pan range of plus-minus 170 degrees). The camera's viewing angle can be easily adjusted via PC, and images are exceptionally clear during PTZ movement without the occurrence of motion blur. The camera can pan or tilt at a rate of 150 degrees per second. The VB-C60 can quickly survey entire office areas and warehouses, covering far more territory than fixed cameras.
Sophisticated Motion Detection and Auto Tracking
Automatic image capture activated by schedule, motion detection, or contact sensor. Four areas can be selected for motion detection with the ability to set sensitivity, area ratio, and duration of detected movement. These settings can be independently set in each of the four areas. Auto tracking gives the camera the ability to pan and tilt once motion is detected, and capture this movement automatically. Pre-recorded audio can also be set to play back.
Image Upload and Email Notification
When subject motion is detected or if an external sensor is triggered, the camera is equipped to automatically send the images to a desired location via FTP/HTTP/SMTP (email). You can, for example, have the camera automatically send the images to a mobile phone or email address.
Panorama Image Creation and Preset Tour
The VB-C60 offers a panorama view in which the entire viewing range can be seen as one image. The desired view can be selected by moving a scope box over any area in the panorama window. This makes it easy for the user to quickly move the camera to a particular spot, within the cameras range. Pre-registered presets or views can be individually selected. A preset tour can then be setup to cycle though the pre-sets at specified at intervals.
Canon DIGIC NET Processor
The VB-C60 PTZ Network Camera uses the proprietary Canon DIGIC NET Processor, a powerful hardware-based engine that performs all image processing and encoding. This results in the camera being able to handle simultaneous encoding of Motion-JPEG and MPEG-4 video in high-quality VGA (640 x 480) at a full 30 frames per second. The high image quality of Motion-JPEG is suited for live monitoring; the compression scheme of MPEG-4 is ideal for recording due to its smaller file size and lighter network load. The VB-C60 PTZ Network Camera offers support for up to 30 simultaneous clients (users accessing and viewing video images at the same time).
The VB-C60 can distribute M-JPEG images in three sizes simultaneously (640 x 480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120). This comes in handy for image upload mobile devices. The 320 x 240 size is useful when monitoring multiple cameras on a single screen, and 640 x 480 is ideal for saving when high image quality is desired.
Full Duplex, Two-Way Audio Support
Full duplex, two-way audio support allows the Network Camera to both send and receive audio simultaneously, which enables security professionals monitoring its video to hear and speak to people appearing on-camera, while using a microphone. Security professionals can speak into a microphone connected to their monitoring PC and be heard at the camera's location through a powered speaker connected to the camera.
Built-in Terminals For Connection To External Devices
The base of the VB-C60 is equipped with built-in terminals for connection to various external devices.
  • Power Connection Socket connects the camera to an optional external power supply or AC adapter (not included). The terminal accepts 12 volts DC power or 24 volts AC power.
  • 10/100 Base-T LAN Connector connects the camera to a network with an RJ-45 cable. The VB-C60 integrates the PoE (Power over Ethernet) functionality, so the power can be supplied to the camera via the LAN cable from a PoE Power Injector or an IEEE 802.3af-compliant PoE midspan or switch.
  • Audio Input Terminal connects a microphone to the camera. The Administrator can then monitor the audio at the camera site from a remote location.
  • Line Out Terminal connects a speaker to the camera. Audio can be sent to the camera by the Administrator from a remote location.
  • External Device I/O Terminals - The camera has two input and one output terminals for the external devices, such as sensors or alarms.
Canon VB-C60R Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera

Canon VB-C60 Specifications

Image Sensor
1/4-inch CCD (primary color filter)
310,000 effective pixels
40x optical/4x digital/160x combined
Video Signal
Scanning Method
Zoom Ratio
40x Optical with Auto Focus (4x Digital)
Lens Focal Length / F-Stop
f=3.4mm (W) ~ 136.0mm (T) / F1.6 (W) ~ F5.6 (T)
Angle Of View
55.8° (W) ~ 1.5° (T)
Day/Night Mode
Auto / Manual
IR Cut Filter
Minimum Object Illumination
Color: 0.7 lux @ 1/30 second Shutter Speed
Black & White: 0.2 lux @ 1/30 second Shutter Speed
Auto / One-shot AF / Manual / Fixed Focus at Infinity (for dome use)
Focus Range
Day Mode (W) 11.8 in. ~ infinity / (T) 59 in. ~ infinity
Night Mode (W) 19.7 in. ~ infinity / (T) 70.9 in. ~ infinity
Shutter Speed
1/1 ~ 1/8000 second
White Balance
Auto / One-shot / Preset / Manual
Optical Measurment System
Center-weighted / Average / Spot
Exposure Compensation
7 Levels
Smart Shade Control
Image Stabilizer
Electric (ON1 / ON2 / OFF)
Pan Angle Range
340° - ±170°
Tilt Angle Range
Upright: 115° (-25° ~ 90°)
Ceiling-Mounted: 115° (-90° ~ 25°
Pan / Tilt Speed
Maximum 150° / second
Video Compression Method
Motion-JPEG / MPEG-4 (video), JPEG (still images)
Output Image / Video Capture Sizes
JPEG: 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120
MPEG-4: 640 x 480 / 320 x 240
Video Frame Rate
M-JPEG: 0.1 ~ 30fps MPEG-4: 30 / 15 / 10 fps
Simultaneous Client Access
M-JPEG: 30 clients
MPEG-4: 10 clients
Audio Communication
Full Duplex
LAN x1 (RJ-45, 100Base-TX), IEEE 802.3af
IPv4: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, FTP (server / client), SNMP (MIB2 compliant with RFC1213), SMTP (client), DHCP (client), DNS (client), ARP, ICMP, POP3, NTP, SMTP authentication, WV-HTTP (from Canon)
IPv6: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, FTP (server/client), HTP, SMTP (client), DNS (client), ARP, ICMPv6, POP3, NDP, NTP, SMTP authentication, WV-HTTP (from Canon)
Maximum 20 Positions
Motion Detection
Up to 4 detection areas can be set
JPEG Image Upload
Event Notification
Audio Terminals
Input: 1-Mini-Jack Connector (Monaural) LINE IN or MIC IN
Output: 1-Mini-Jack Connector (Monaural) LINE OUT
External Device I/O Terminals
Input x2, Output x2
Operating Environment
14 - 122°F (-10 - 50°C) 20-85% RH (non-condensing)
Power Supply
PoE Via LAN Connector ( compliant)
Optional AC Adapter AC 100V - 240V (PA-V17)
Optional External Power AC 24V / DC 12V (non-polar)
Power Consumption
with PoE Maximum approximately 10W
with Optional AC Adapter Maximum approximately 13W
Bundled Software
Web Viewer Built-In (no Java applet necessary)
VK-Lite Free 4-camera license included
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Approximately 5.6 x 5.6 x 5.9 inches (142 x 142 x 149 mm)
Approximately 1.85 lbs. (840 g)

Canon VB-C60 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera

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