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National Geographic Tripods, Camera Backpacks and Camera Bags

Video Direct has been an authorized Bogen / Manfrotto Distribution dealer for many years, and thus also an authorized U.S. retailer for many of the biggest names in the business. These include National GeographicTripods and Camera Bags.

National Geographic has teamed up with Manfrotto, leading producer of professional tripods and camera accessories with decades of experience, to bring you the tools that top explorers and reporters trust to help them bring home the best images possible. As a photographer, you know that inspiring images are unrepeatable split-second combinations of fine-tuned equipment, fantastic light, fleeting expressions, one-off events and sudden discoveries. Make sure you're ready to capture the moment with National Geographic and Manfrotto.

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NG A6010 On-Board Roller Suitcase
NG A6010 On-Board Roller

National Geographic Large Camera Bags, Shoulder Bags and Totes

The National Geographic Africa Onboard Roller NG A6010 is an ideal travel solution with a dedicated removable padded insert to keep your laptop neatly placed and protected inside. The National Geographic Africa Duffle Bag NG A6120 is a convenient carry-all with a large main compartment that holds lots of clothes clothes and everyday gear. National Geographic Africa Satchels NG A2550, NG A2560 and NG A2540 are everyday, functional shoulder bags that hold all your personal gear along with a camera or camcorder in designated protective zones. National Geographic Africa Tote Bags NG A8240 and NG A8220 allow you to be stylish while packing for a day trip, while a dedicated removable padded insert keeps your compact Digital SLR or compact camcorder and accessories neatly placed and protected inside.

The National Geographic Earth Explorer collection reflects National Geographic's dedication to exploration and conservation. The bags are an ideal blend of today's protective carrying technology and a traditional 'explorer' look and feel. They provide ample room to carry cameras, accessories, and personal belongings. Each bag in the Earth Explorer collection has solid brass buckles with an antique finish and is manufactured from a variety of environmentally friendly materials. National Geographic Earth Explorer shoulder bags are every day functional bags which will hold all your personal gear including laptop, camera, or camcorder. The bags feature designated protective zones to safeguard the delicate equipment within.

National Geographic NGW2160 and NGW2140 Walkabout Satchels will allow you to make the most of your everyday adventures while holding and protecting your digital SLR or compact camcorder with media accessories and laptop. The National Geographic NGW8120 Walkabout Tote Bag will allow you to pack for a day's trip while keeping your compact camcorder or compact digital SLR with one compact lens neatly placed inside.
NG 5160 Backpack
NG 5160 Backpack

National Geographic Camera Backpacks, Rucksacks and Waist Packs

Twenty-first century explorers enjoy a vast range of possibilities to capture their adventures for posterity. Photographic and video documentation has become an integral part of all exploration and adventure travel. High-end digital equipment has become available in easily portable sizes. It is no longer a question of whether or not it should be taken along but what the best means of transport is. National Geographic Earth Explorer backpacks have been designed to provide the ideal protective carrying solution for traditional hiking gear and delicate photographic and video equipment. These backpacks are the first of their kind to really address the unique needs of photographers carrying cameras, camcorders, and accessories while not compromising hiking gear space or access.

Backpacking out in the wild or day packing in a large metropolis, National Geographic Africa Rucksacks are designed to match your lifestyle, media, and photographic needs to perfection. National Geographic's Africa Collection of media bags is designed to suit the urban jungle lifestyle by merging stylish, everyday personal bags with dedicated protective accommodation for media gear so that you never again need to leave anything at home.

National Geographic Walkabout Rucksacks will allow you to travel freely and know that you always have your essentials with you while keeping your photographic/video gear as well as a laptop safe and secure. Adventure can catch us anywhere! Walking down a busy street or hiking through the wilderness, we can all find ourselves facing an exciting National Geographic moment, and when we do, we want to be able to capture it. National Geographic's Walkabout photo bag collection is designed for just such moments, merging stylish, everyday personal bags with protective accommodation for photographic gear so that you never need to leave your cameras at home.

NG W2025 Medium Holster
NG W2025 Holster

National Geographic Compact Camera Bags, Holsters and Pouches

National Geographic NG W2025 and NG W2021 Walkabout Holsters will allow you to capture your life moments effortlessly while holding and protecting your advanced point-and-shoot camera, compact digital SLR, or compact camcorder with media and other small accessories. A foldable rain cover protects the entire bag and contents from the elements.

Slick on the outside and wild on the inside, National Geographic Africa Collection Shoulder Bags will provide you with a stylish adventure even on the most mundane outings. The National Geographic Africa Holsters NG A2210 and NG A2200 will protect an advanced point-and-shoot camera, a compact Digital SLR, or a compact camcorder with media and other small accessories, also allowing you to quickly draw your camera at any time. Carrying options include a wide, comfortable shoulder strap or carry handle. National Geographic Africa Camera Pouches NG A1212 and NG A1222 are designed to hold and protect a compact point-and-shoot camera or compact camcorder with media and other small accessories.

The National Geographic Earth Explorer Small Sling Bag is designed for carrying everyday personal gear along with a digital point-and-shoot camera or handheld camcorder, cell phone, MP3 player and travel documents. National Geographic Earth Explorer Camera Pouches are designed to hold and protect a small Point and Shoot camera or compact camcorder with media accessories.

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