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Metz mecablitz 44 AF-1C Flash Unit

Metz mecablitz 44 AF-1C Flash Unit

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Metz mecablitz 44 AF-1C Flash

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With its slim-line design and new quick lock system for the unit base, the Metz mecablitz 44 AF-1 digital is the perfect solution for price-conscious amateur photographers, or as a second flash for professional photographers. The clear control panel on the back of the unit impresses with its simple operation; offering a high level of functional reliability. The high-performance design affords reserve power in any photo situation (maximum guide number of 144 feet at ISO 100 and 105mm.). Depending on the camera, it has the appropriate application possibilities for any lighting conditions in TTL mode. The Metz 44 AF-1C digital is perfectly matched to Canon digital cameras, particularly their EOS digital SLRs. The 44AF-1C digital supports Canon E-TTL and E-TTL II flash control.

The photographer can manually set up to four partial light levels enabling manipulation of lighting effects. With the appropriate camera model the mecablitz can also be synchronized to the first or second shutter curtain enabling variable options for creative lighting. Depending on the camera, the Metz 44 AF-1 also offers a slave mode, making wireless TTL flash child's play -- and opening up new dimensions in flash photography. Its motor zoom function (24 -105 mm), the fully-swiveling reflector with flip-out reflector card and the integrated wide-angle diffuser (12 mm) afford the photographer additional creative scope.

Metz mecablitz 44 AF-1C Flash Key Features

Metz 44 AF-1C USB Interface
USB Interface
Dedicated Canon Flash Functions Including TTL / E-TTL / E-TTL II Flash Control and High Speed Synchronization (HSS)
The compact and powerful Metz 44AF-1C has been specifically designed for Canon cameras, in particular their EOS digital SLRs. The supported flash functions depend on the specific Canon camera model used. The following dedicated flash functions are supported by the flash unit:
  • Flash-ready indication in camera viewfinder
  • Automatic flash sync speed control
  • Standard TTL (without measuring preflash)
  • E-TTL flash mode / E-TTL II flash mode
  • Automatic fill-in flash control
  • Manual flash exposure correction for TTL / E-TTL / E-TTL II
  • Flash exposure storage FE with E-TTL / E-TTL II
  • 1st or 2nd curtain synchronization (REAR)
  • Automatic motor zoom control
  • Automatic AF measuring beam control
  • Programmed auto flash mode (AUTO FLASH)
  • Wireless Canon E-TTL remote flash mode
  • Wake-up function for the flash unit
Guide Number 144 (ft) / 44 (m)
Guide Number 144 (ft) / Guide Number 44 (m) at ISO 100 at 21°C and 105mm focal length.
Metz 44 AF-1C Integrated Reflector Card
Integrated Reflector Card
Firmware Updates Via USB Interface
Like its big brother, the 58 AF-1 digital, the 44 AF-1C compact flash unit features a USB socket. With this popular PC interface, updates can be made via the Internet at any time, even from home. The flash unit's firmware can be updated through the USB port and adjusted to the technical requirements of future cameras.
Swivel and Tilt Reflector For Indirect Flash Lighting
The main reflector of the flash unit can be swivelled 300° horizontally and tilted vertically for bounce flash. The zoom reflector can be tilted upwards into four locking positions for bounce flashes: 45°, 60°, 75° and 90°.
Integrated Flip-Open Reflector Card
The use of bounce flash with the integrated reflector card can bring out highlights in the eyes of human subjects. A reflector card which can be flipped open has been integrated into the 44 AF-1C's vertically-tilting and horizontally-swivelling reflector. In addition, the Metz Bounce Diffuser 58-23 is available as an optional accessory to scatter and diffuse bounce flash lighting.
Integrated 12mm Wide-Angle Diffuser
With a similarly-integrated snap-out wide angle lens diffuser, the 44 AF-1 digital can even illuminate wide-angle lens focal lengths from 12mm (35mm format).
Metz 50 AF-1C controls
Manual Flash Mode With Four Partial Lighting Levels
Full light output and partial light output levels of 1/1, 1/2, 1/8 and 1/64 available.
Simple Operating Interface
The clear control panel on the back of the unit impresses with its simple operation; offering a high level of functional reliability.
Canon Wireless E-TTL Remote Slave Flash Mode
The Metz Mecablitz 44 AF-1C flash unit supports Canon's wireless E-TTL Remote System in slave flash mode. This means that one or more slave flash units can be controlled remotely from a master or controller flash unit on the camera (e.g. mecablitz 58 AF-1C digital) or from the camera master. Slave flash unit 44AF-1 is always set to slave Group A and all remote channels 1, 2, 3 and 4. The slave flash units must be able to receive light from the master or controller flash unit via the integrated sensor for remote use. The flash unit in the camera can function as a master or controller flash unit depending on camera type. Further information regarding settings on the master or controller flash unit can be found in the respective operating instructions.
Cobra Design
The mecablitz 44 AF-1C utilizes Metz' modernistic upright Cobra design, which also reduces red eye effect.

Metz mecablitz 44 AF-1C Specifications

Flash Output Guide Number
GN 44 (m) / GN 144 (ft) (ISO 100/21°C) and 105mm focal length
GN 32 (m) / GN 105 (ft) (ISO 100/21°C) and 50mm focal length
Power Sources
Four AA batteries: alkaline or lithium
Four AA rechargeable batteries: NiMH or NiCad
Recycle Time (at Full Light Output)
Approx. 3 - 4 seconds
Number of Flashes (at Full Light Output)
Approx. 220 with high-performance alkali-magnesium batteries
Approx. 270 with 2100 mAh NiMH batteries
Approx. 450 with lithium batteries
Manual Partial Light Output Levels
P1/1, P1/2, P1/8, P1/64
Color Temperature
Approx. 5600° K
Light Coverage
Main reflector from 24mm (35mm format)
Main reflector with wide-angle diffuser from 12mm (35mm format)
Reflector Swivelling Ranges and Locking Positions
Vertical: 90°, 75°, 60°, 45°
counter-clockwise 60° 90° 120° 150° 180°
clockwise 60° 90° 120°
Approx. 15.0 oz. (425 g) with batteries
Dimensions(W x H x D)
Approx. 2.9" x 5.0" x 4.1" (73 x 128 x 105mm)
Partial light output
(P=Flash Power)
Flash duration Guide number (m)
ISO 100/50mm
Guide number (m)
ISO 100/105mm
P 1/1 1/125 32 44
P 1/2 1/900 23 31
P 1/8 1/4000 11 16
P 1/64 1/15000 4 5.5

Metz mecablitz 44 AF-1C Flash

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