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KATA Camera Cases, Packs and Rain Covers

KATA designs, develops, and manufactures quality, state-of-the-art protection solutions and carrying systems. Kata's products are designed around the human frame. It's not enough that the equipment fit the case, the case must also fit the user!

In 1983, two friends, members of an elite military unit, began exchanging ideas about how backpacks and military equipment cases could be made more modular and ergonomic. Based on their own field experience, they went on to design a line of combat-ready gear. They named their company KATA. Kata products are developed and manufactured in Jerusalem, Israel.

KATA established its reputation by outfitting Military and Security Special Forces with auxiliary cases, utility and protective vests and backpacks. Tough, durable, yet remarkably lightweight, Kata products are constructed to withstand rough treatment and harsh conditions over long periods.

For the past twenty years Kata has been creating high-end products for professionals around the world. In 2004, KATA launched the Global Digital Collection (GDC) for the Professional Digital Photographer and Videographer. The collection includes carrying solutions specifically designed for delicate digital equipment incorporating KATA's latest development-the unique TST (Thermo Shield Technology).


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KATA CCC-1A Compact Camera Case
KATA CCC-1A Compact Camera Case

KATA Large Camera Carring Cases and Shoulder Bags

KATA surrounds your equipment with the most protection possible, while still maintaining a lightweight ergonomic design. KATA has designed and patented numerous innovations that allow you to carry and operate your equipment with greater ease and efficiency. These details give you easier access to your equipment when using it, and greater freedom of movement when carrying it.

Most camera cases are constructed with their special "Yelloop" interior made of a loop fabric to which you can fasten dividers. The interior is a bright yellow, so the contents can be viewed with ease. Included and/or opional dividers enable you to create compartments inside the case that meet your exact requirements. Made from synthetic thermorubber, KATA's uniquely designed Toblerone feet absorb shocks and protect many of these bag from dirt, mud, and abrasion. TST (Thermo Shield Technology), available on select bags, is a state-of-the-art solution that gives the perfect protection for the digital equipment while creating an extremely light product.

KATA Bumblebee-222 UL Camera Backpack
KATA Bumblebee-222 UL Camera Backpack

KATA Camera Backpacks and Waist Packs

KATA Camera Backpacks and Waist Packs are the perfect solution for the needs of DV field production work. All these models feature Thermo Shield Technology and KATA's Double Sided Elements Cover to protect your case and equipment in inclement weather: black side out in rain or snow, and in sun reverse to silver for heat reflection.

KATA's EPH System is modular and versatile. The EPH (Ergonomic Photo) System allows you to set the configuration required for the mission. You can attach two or three products that are EPH System Compatible into a set: The W-92 Waist Pack together with the R-103 Rucksack will create a big backpack, for example. This is only one of more than 15 different possible combinations.

KATA CRC-12 PL Camera Rain Cover
KATA CRC-12 PL Camera Rain Cover

KATA Camera Rain Covers

The Kata Rain Cover is fabricated from waterproof material with crystal clear vinyl panels on the camera's control side allow easy access to controls without compromising protection. Mic adjustable sleeves guarantee easy working conditions even when the elements are against you. The KATA Rain Cover successfully protected equipment during Weather Laboratory testing in severe weather conditions. It is designed for efficiency down to the smallest detail.

KATA offers different sizes and configurations of Rain Covers andCompact Rain Covers to fit a large range of camcorders.

KATA LW-99 PL Extra Large Rolling Organizer Lighting Case
KATA LW-99 PL Rolling Organizer Lighting Case

KATA Lighting Carrying Cases

KATA's Rolling Organizer Lighting Cases are built to hold a variety of video or photo lighting kits. These cases are designed to withstand harsh use in any environment and incorporate KATA's signature Lightweight Protection technologies and materials to guarantee the highest level of protection in the lightest case to date. The cases feature two full sized compartments: The first deep compartment holds the various lights and stands, diffusers, umbrellas, etc. and the second shallow compartment holds related accessories such as cables, light domes etc. It can also be used for lighting stands and umbrellas. A large external padded pocket can hold more accessories or personal gear. They each feature strong padded handles for top and side carrying and an included Insertrolley or sturdy integrated wheels for comfortable wheel along transportation.

KATA Lite-435 DL Camera Bag
KATA Lite-435 DL Camera Bag

KATA Small Camera Cases and Pouches

KATA Global Digital Collection camera cases and pouches are designed with style and ergonomically engineered. Most models are TST protected and offer the unique KATA Double Sided Elements Cover. TST (Thermo Shield Technology) is a state-of-the-art solution that provides excellent protection for digital equipment while maintaing an extremely light product. In rain, use the elements cover, black side out, and in sun reverse to silver for heat reflection.

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