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KATA Pro-V-610 PL HDV Pro Camera Backpack

KATA Pro-V-610 PL

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KATA Pro-V-610 PL HDV Pro Camera Backpack

Features in Detail | Enlarged Image
KATA Pro-V-610 PL

Replacing the VB-510, the KATA Pro-V-610 PL Pro Video Backpack a versatile backpack designed to fit a wide range of equipment, including HDV camcorders up to the Sony EX3 in size with or without mattbox attached, plus a tripod, a laptop, accessories and personal effects. Or a large HD digital SLR with up to 500mm telephoto lens attached plus six to eight lenses, an additional body, a flash unit and many other accessories.

Rugged yet lightweight, this ultra-protective backpack features a slim streamlined exterior with full zippered access to the main compartment. Four padded pouches in the main compartment allow you to store and access your gear from both the outside of the bag or the inside. These pouches conform to the shape and size of the gear within, thus functioning as both protection and storage devices. A four-color zipper identification system help you quickly locate your gear in the correct pouch. An additional top detachable pouch and a work mat are supplied with the backpack and can be removed when the space is needed for a larger camcorder model or when a mattbox is installed.

The Pro-V-610 PL includes an all-purpose work mat for working in the field -- simply spread it out on the ground to protect the backpack or gear from outdoor dirt and grime. An integrated tripod sling is concealed within the front pocket. Other features include Aeriform dividers, a padded rear laptop compartment, Kata's signature advanced ergonomic harness system and a sleeve connection for the optional KATA Insertrolley (not included). KATA Pro-V-610 PL

KATA Pro-V-610 PL HDV Pro Camera Backpack Key Features

Gecko Harness
KATA's patent-pending Gecko Harness System was developed to provide outstanding ergonomic compatibility and a perfect fit to your back and body. The innovative 3D injection design offers unique molded EVA foam harness straps feature 3D-tapered thickness so as to provide extra cushioning where it counts, the micro hatch texture secures backpack positioning firmly and comfortably, while the shapely contour fits your body organically.
Aluminum Skeleton
Inspired by the human skeleton, Kata uses formed aluminum alloy staves or frames for ultra light structural protection and smart weight distribution.
Spine Guard
The spring steel Spine Guard, encased in specially formed foam provides ultimate structural protection.
Toblerone Shock Absorbers
Made from synthetic thermo-rubber, this uniquely designed feature absorbs shocks and protects the case from abrasion, dirt, mud and standing water. Located on the bottom of the bag and other areas often subject to damage, the Toblerones will protect your case from bumps, tears and sudden shock by absorbing any accidental impact. Additionally, the Toblerone can elevate the bag above standing water or wet spots, keeping your case dry.
Double Sided Elements Cover
Double Sided Elements Cover
Aeriform Foam Dividers
Perforated super-light laminated and reinforced EVA and EPE foams create a lightweight, yet protective case. Aeriform Foam dividers allow for gear protection and organization without the excess weight associated with foam. The interior is a bright yellow, so the contents can be viewed with ease.
Double Sided Elements Cover
An emergency Elements Cover is included with the KATA Pro-V-610 PL to protect your case and equipment in inclement weather: black side out in rain or snow, and in sun reverse to silver for heat reflection.
Plenty of Storage for Accessories
Four padded pouches in the main compartment allow you to store and access your gear from both the outside of the bag or the inside. An additional top detachable pouch is supplied. Lots of spacious padded pockets allow you to store and access your gear from both the outside of the bag or inside.
Laptop Compartment
The rear laptop slot will fit most 17-inch laptops.
KATA Pro-V-610 PL
Integrated Tripod Holder
An integrated fold-out tripod sling is concealed within the front pocket.
Insertrolley Optional Accessory
The simple yet ingenious Insertrolley System can be used with many Kata cases. It allows you to either use the trolley separately or with more than one case. Simply slide the trolley through the sleeve on the cases for secure and easy mobility. You can detach the trolley when you want to store it and easily replace it if damaged. Patented extendable wheel system helps to better stabilize larger cases.
All-Purpose Work Mat Included
The all-purpose work matt keeps your gear clean and dry when setting up for shooting. It can also keep the harness clean when setting the bag on the ground.
Included Items:
  • 1 Work Mat
  • 1 Aluminum Skeleton
  • 1 Elements Cover with Mesh Pouch
  • 1 Tripod Strap
  • 1 Detachable Pouch
  • 1 Spine Guard
  • 1 Detachable Waist Belt
  • 3 Small Dividers
  • 2 Large Dividers
  • 1 Divider for Laptop Compartment
  • 1 Bottom Pad for Laptop Compartment
Pro-V-610 PL With Insertrolley
Pro-V-610 PL With optional Insertrolley

KATA Pro-V-610 PL HDV Pro Camera Backpack Specifications

External Maximum Dimensions
Length: 13.6" (34.5 cm)
Width: 12.2" (31 cm)
Height: 25.2" (64 cm)
Internal Main Compartment Dimensions
Length: 12.2" (31 cm)
Width: 9.2" (23 cm)
Height: 23.6" (60 cm)
Laptop Compartment Dimensions
Length: 12.6" (32 cm)
Width: 1.6 (4 cm)
Height: 18.1" (46 cm)
8.4 lbs. (3.8 kg) with all accessories
5.9 lbs. (2.7 kg) bag only

KATA Pro-V-610 PL HDV Pro Camera Backpack

Features in Detail | Enlarged Image
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