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Gossen Starlite 2 All-in-One Light Meter

Gossen Starlite 2

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Gossen Starlite 2 Light Meter

Features in Detail | Enlarged Image
Gossen Starlite 2

Replacing the Gossen Starlite, the Starlite 2 is Gossen's latest all-in-one top of the line light meter offering unrivaled capabilities and multiple functions. Three individual meters are specially incorporated into this one precision-measuring instrument:

  1. An exposure meter for ambient and flash
  2. A CINE meter for filming
  3. A light measuring instrument for illumination intensities and luminances

Special attention was paid to creating a clear-cut design and ideal handling during development of the Starlite 2. With its ergonomic shape and special non-slip coating, it fits the hand securely in any situation. The controls are focused on the essentials: With just four control keys and an adjusting ring on the swiveling viewfinder head, the diverse range of functions can be taken full advantage of in an extremely easy fashion. Experienced professionals as well as committed amateurs can master the logical operating concept very quickly. All relevant information appears at the generously sized display, and is made available to the user at a single glance. Functions which are not required at the moment can be conveniently cleared from the screen with the DIP switch. The Starlite 2 is splash-proof, and is thus extremely well suited for outdoor use.

Among its many metrological highlights, the Starlite 2 includes a broad range of high performance features for flash measurement. It's capable of measuring individual flashes, calculating multiple flash illumination and analyzing flash and continuous illumination -- even with several flash units in combination. The Starlite 2 provides the user with precise results, even for highly complex tasks.

Gossen Starlite 2 Light Meter Key Features

Gossen Starlite 2
Multifunctional Swivel Head
A remarkable advantage is the rotary measuring swivel head, a multiple function optical center. The rotary ring at the base of the diffuser can be set at four different modes:
  • Reflected light measurement of a 1 degree angle through the viewfinder
  • Quick selection at the ring enables the meter to alternate to a 5 degree angle
  • Incident light measurement: with raised diffuser = spherical characteristics
  • Incident light measurement: with lowered diffuser = flat plane characteristics

Consequently, the Starlite 2 offers unparalleled versatility of measuring capabilities, including the Zone System.

Universal Functioning Meter for Photography, Cine Filming and Specialized Technical Light Measuring Applications
With its combination of three preconfigured measuring ranges, the Starlite 2 has been designed for demanding measurements in the fields of photography, film and photometry. The instrument can be switched back and forth among these three function ranges quickly and easily. It covers all common tasks encountered in actual practice with a single, rugged instrument of compact design:

Exposure measurement: The Starlite 2 is capable of all types of measurements for continuous illumination and flash, right on up to the zone system with direct display of measured values. Object measurement can be performed via the viewfinder with measuring angles of 1 degree and 5 degrees. Diffusor settings with spherical or planar characteristics are available for incident light measurement.

Cine meter: As a full fledged cine meter, the Starlite 2 is equipped with a 180-degree rotary disc shutter. Additional sector sizes can be selected in 5-degree steps. Metric and Anglo units of measure are read out directly: No conversion with formulas is required.

Illumination / photometry: The Starlite 2 is equipped with a comprehensive measuring program for use in photometry, and for reproductions. It includes the measurement of illuminance and luminous intensity, as well as continuous illumination and flash. Time-integral quantities can also be precisely defined.

Gossen Starlite 2
Incident Light Measurement
The Starlite 2 allows for high-precision incident light measurement, which is above all critical for portrait, object and fashion photography. It measures and analyzes light which strikes the motif, regardless of the object's reflectivity. Complete control of lighting contrast leads to well balanced exposure results, and allows for targeted use of the available range of dynamics. And the meter only takes illuminance into consideration, not object brightness. The user is thus able to count on obtaining correct evaluation, as well as good results, with both brighter than average and dark motifs: Optical influences which could lead to erroneous measurement data are eliminated automatically by the Starlite 2. Even objects which greatly deviate from the mean gray tone are reproduced with correct color and tonal values, as long as white balancing is correctly executed for the digital camera.
Ideal for Flash Measurements
The Starlite 2 is capable of measuring individual flashes, calculating multiple flash illumination and analyzing flash and continuous illumination -- even with several flash units in combination. Flash can thus be reliably assessed as a creative means, and utilized efficiently. With the help of a multi-flash calculation, the Starlite 2 automatically calculates the required number of flash units, if a single flash unit is inadequate for a given resolution.
Diverse Options for Professional Photography
The Starlite 2 places a broad range of options at the fingertips of the user, allowing users to consistently implement their own individual ideas regarding depth of focus and motion. Precise light values make it possible to quickly and simply compare two measurements.
  • Time selection: The measured aperture is displayed.
  • Aperture selection: Measured time is displayed.
  • Light value: Measured exposure value EV is displayed

Precise metrological analysis of both illumination and the motif make it possible for the photographer to take ideal advantage of the available range of dynamics of the recording sensor and the output media, right from the very start. Adaptation by means of frequently tedious post-processing is thus rendered unnecessary.

  • Contrast measurement: from the brightest to the darkest areas of the motif with detail
  • Mean value generation: based on measured values from important areas of the image
  • Zone measurement: Different brightness values are assigned to gray values in a defined fashion
High Precision Object Measurement Thanks to Additional Measuring Options
Where object measurement is concerned, the Starlite 2 evaluates light reflected from the object to the camera from the standpoint of the photographer. Motif brightness is analyzed during this process, i.e. light resulting from reflection and absorption. The measurement results are influenced alone by illuminance and object brightness which results therefrom. All types of measurement can thus be performed, right on up to the zone system.

With the Starlite 2, the final visual results can be subjected to creative planning before the image is recorded: Use of an 11-stage zone system makes it possible to evaluate deviating brightness within the motif in consideration of exposure, such that adequate tonal values and detail are present even in the bright and dark areas of the motif to assure exact reproduction. As a standard feature, obtained measurement results correspond to the mean gray tone (18% reflection) in the zone V tone scale. All of the details which are important for an image recording can then be individually measured on this basis.

Shutter Speeds Exposure Times In Full Standard Or Half Step Values
True Zone System Measurements and Direct Readout on the Zone Scale

Gossen Starlite 2 Light Meter Specifications

Measuring Methods
Ambient light and flash (digital and analog)
Light Sensor
2 color-corrected silicon photo diodes
Measuring Angle
Adjustable to 1° or 5°
Incident Light Measurement
Diffuser sphere adjustable for spherical or flat characteristics
Reflected Light Measurement
Optical viewfinder, measuring angle adjustable to 1° or 5°
Measuring Range Ambient Light (at ISO 100/21°)
Incident light: EV -2.5 to +18
Reflected light with 1°: EV 2.0 to +18
Reflected light with 5°: EV 1.0 to +18
Measuring Range Flash Light (at ISO 100/21°)
Incident light: f/1.0 to f/128
Reflected light with 1°: f/ 2.8 to f/128
Reflected light with 5°: f/ 1.4 to f/128
Measuring Data Processing
Repeat Accuracy
+/- 1 digit (0.1 EV)
Film Speeds
ISO 3.2/6° to ISO 8000/40° in 1° DIN increments
f/1.0 to f/128
Shutter Speeds
1/8000s to 60 min.
Flash Sync Speeds
1 to 1/1000s
Multiple Flash Calculations
up to nine flashes
Cine Filming Speeds (fps)
8, 12, 16, 18, 24, 25, 30, 32, 50, 64 (2, ,3, 4, 6, 36, 40, 48, 60, 72, 96, 120, 128, 150, 200, 240, 255, 300, 360*

* by switching over
Photometry Measuring Capabilities and Readings in the Display
lx, fc, cd/m2, fL, lxs, fcs, cds/m2, fLs
Additional Readouts in the Display
Measuring functions, range under and range over indication for measurement and readout
Analog Scale
f/1.0 to f/128, Zone 0-X
Correction Values
EV -7.9 to +7.5
Extension Factors
1.0 to 240
1.5V AA or 1.2V rechargeable
appr. 6.46 x 2.60 x 1.02 inches (164 x 66 x 26 mm)
Weight (without battery)
appr. 6.5 oz. (185 g)
Accessories Included
Bag, strap, battery, operating instructions

Gossen Starlite 2 Light Meter

Features in Detail | Enlarged Image
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