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Elinchrom Studio and Outdoor Flash System

Video Direct has been an authorized Bogen dealer for many years, and thus also an authorized U.S. retailer for many of the biggest names in the business. These include Elinchrom's Studio and Outdoor Flash System.

Elinchrom has been at the forefront of photographic lighting technology since the earliest days of studio flash manufacture. Thanks to constant product refinements and a dedication to research and development, Elinchrom products are owned and rented by the world's leading photographers.

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Elinchrom Authorized U.S. Retailer
Video Direct® is an Authorized U.S. retailer for Elinchrom

and Many Other Fine Brands!

Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS Set
Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS Set

Elinchrom Ranger Battery Powered Flash System

No other battery system has been designed from the ground up using state-of-the-art electronics, capacitors and safety precautions. The Ranger RX system is the best battery flash system on the market and is backed by photographers in the sports, fashion, wedding, educational and still-life market. Elinchrom is renowned for its output and color consistency, short flash duration, low sync voltage and absolute stability making the system fully compatible with all digital formats.

Complete portable power without the need for generators, AC outlets or long extension cables. Elinchrom Ranger power packs feature a "go anywhere" weather resistant design, self-sealing rubber protectors, raised sockets complete with covers, with electronics only in the upper part of the unit.

Elinchrom Digital 2400RX Power Pack
Elinchrom Digital 2400RX Power Pack

Elinchrom Digital RX and Digital AS Studio Flash Systems

Elinchrom has a long tradition of excellent power pack designs for professional imaging. The latest Digital RX series models incorporate the latest technology combined with high manufacturing quality at affordable prices. Highlights like computer interface, ultra-stable circuitry for consistent flash power and low sync voltage to protect digital cameras are just some of many advantages.

Elinchrom EL 26146 Square Reflector 17-3/8-inch 80-Degree Set with Diffuser and 30 Degree Honeycomb
Elinchrom 17-3/8" 80° Square Reflector Set

Elinchrom Reflectors, Grids and Barndoors

A wide range of superbly designed accessories, completely compatible with the entire Elinchrom and Prolinca studio flash system. Each reflector is designed to do a different job. Decide how you want the lighting to look and there will be a reflector with precisely the right profile. Endless lighting possibilities guaranteed!

Elinchrom EL 26382 41-inch VariStar Kit with VariStar Umbrella and Reflector
Elinchrom 41" VariStar Kit

Elinchrom VariStar, Professional and Budget Umbrellas

Elinchrom VariStar is the multitalented umbrella for in and out of studio use. Easy to erect, lightweight and fits into most Elinchrom carrying bags. Ideal for industrial, portraits and groups. VariStar provides even light distribution due to its central positioning over reflector and flashtube.

Elinchrom EL 26158 74-inch Octa Light Bank for Exceptionally Soft Even Lighting
Elinchrom 74" Octa Light Bank

Elinchrom Light Banks and Rotalux Softboxes

Invented in 1982, their unique, patented construction and design have won Elinchrom's large lightweight softboxes worldwide popularity. A lightweight die cast rigid central mounting for the flashhead inside the unit places the Elinchrom flashtube at the point of focus. The optical result is a light source which is so exceptionally soft and even at the diffuser surface that many famous photographers use the Octa as a single light source for portrait photography. In the U.S. it is often referred to as "The Beauty Light."

The easy mounting Rotalux system is probably the most widely copied of all Softbox systems. What continues to make the Elinchrom units unique are the sets of deflectors -- gold, silver and translucent that enable the softness / hardness and color of light to be modified; fitting centrally over the flashtube at your chosen distance.

Elinchrom EL 26430 Fiber Optic Light Kit
Elinchrom Fiber Optic Light Kit

Elinchrom Fiber Optic and Spot Accessory Lights

The Elinchrom Fresnel and Projection Spot lineup covers all professional needs for sophisticated lighting in portrait and commercial photography. High quality projection lenses allow precise and crisp illumination. Usable with any Elinchrom or Prolinca head.

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