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Azden SGM-2X Double-Barrel Shotgun Microphone

Azden SGM-2X

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Azden SGM-2X Double-Barrel Shotgun Microphone

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Designed for Video and Audio Professionals, the Azden SGM-2X comes with 2 barrels that effectively change the pick-up pattern of the microphone. With the short barrel the SGM-2X works as a sensitive omni-directional microphone. By attaching the supplied long barrel the SGM-2X becomes a directional supercardioid shotgun microphone. In either configuration the SGM-2X exhibits a wide frequency response and low noise levels.

Taking its place as one of the premier shotgun microphones around, the SGM-2X offers performance and features which exceed those of mics selling for hundreds of dollars more.

Azden SGM-2X Double-Barrel Shotgun Microphone Key Features

Azden SGM-2X
Two Barrels
Two microphone barrels and appropriate windscreens are supplied with the SGM-2X. The 8-1/8" SHORT barrel has a wide omni-directional pick-up pattern. Attaching the LONG barrel to the SHORT barrel creates a 15-3/4" microphone with a super-cardioid pick-up pattern. This narrow or directional pattern rejects side and back noise and lets you focus in on your subject.
Low Noise (-70dB), Wide Bandwidth (40Hz-20kHz)
Balanced Low Impedance (680ohm) XLR Output
The SGM-2X has a balanced XLR output and will work in any low impedance microphone input of 1K ohm or less. This includes balanced XLR or unbalanced ¼" and 3.5mm microphone inputs.
Switchable Low-Cut Filter
The SGM-2X has a 3-position power switch: OFF, ON and LOW CUT. Switch to the LOW CUT position to reduce low frequencies and increase clarity.
Integrated Shockmount
The SGM-2X is supplied with a shock-mount holder. This holder can be used on a camera shoe or on a microphone stand.
Connects To All Azden Plug-in Transmitters To Become A Wireless Shotgun Mic
You can turn the SGM-2X into a wireless microphone by purchasing one of Azden's unique XLR plug-in transmitters and matching receiver, such as the 35XT Wireless Plug-in XLR Microphone Transmitter matched with the 310UDR or 330UPR receivers or the Azden WX/T-PRO XLR Plug-in Transmitter matched with the WR22-PRO or WDR-PRO VHF receivers.
Two Foam Windscreens Included
The appropriate windscreens for both SHORT and LONG configurations are included.

Azden SGM-2X Double-Barrel Shotgun Microphone Specifications

Frequency Response:
Low-Cut Roll-Off:
6dB/Octave @ 200Hz
  • Super Cardioid: -39dB re 1V/Pa
  • Omni-directional: -45dB re 1V/Pa
680 Ohms @ 1Khz
MAX SPL Input Level:
Signal to Noise Ratio:
Dynamic Range:
One 1.5V AAA - use alkaline battery (not included)
Battery Current:
Battery Life:
1000 hours with Alkaline Battery
Weight without battery:
  • Long + Short Barrel: 6.5oz (185grams)
  • Short Barrel 3.9oz: (110grams)
  • Long + Short Barrel: 16" (400mm) length, 0.83" (21mm) diameter
  • Short Barrel 3.9oz: 8.4" (212.5mm) length, 0.83" (21mm) diameter
Supplied Accessories:
Shock mount mic holder, 2 Windscreens

Azden SGM-2X Double-Barrel Shotgun Microphone

Features in Detail | Enlarged Image
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