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Azden FMX-32a Three-Channel Field Microphone Mixer

Azden FMX-32a

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Azden FMX-32a Three-Channel Field Microphone Mixer

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The Azden FMX-32a Three-Channel Portable Audio Mixer replaces the FMX-32. The redesigned FMX-32a uses the same circuit topology found in the more expensive Azden FMX-42 Series Mixers. With improved signal to noise ratio and wider frequency response the FMX-32a is designed to meet the needs of professional videographers. The FMX-32a connects easily to the video camera's MIC input via the mixer's balanced L and R XLR outputs or its unbalanced 3.5mm stereo mini-jack output. It features three XLR microphone inputs. Each mic input has switchable phantom power (48V DC), two input level settings (Hi / Lo) and an individual switchable limiter. The FMX-32a also features a Master Level Control that controls the overall volume level of all connected sources.

The FMX-32a is a portable (2.1 x 6.7 x 4.7 inches), all metal, battery operated mixer that can be attached directly to the camera with supplied fastener or neck worn with the optional FMX-32c carrying case. The Azden FMX-32a operates on six AA batteries, with a 12V input for external power. The Azden BC-27 AC adaptor is an available optional accessory. The FMX-32a also features a five-step LED array for signal monitoring and a 1/4-inch monitor headphone jack with level control.

Azden FMX-32a Key Features

3 Balanced XLR Inputs With Individual Output Level Controls
Controls the input level of the microphone connected to each input channel. Zero is the lowest (quietest) setting, 10 is the highest (loudest).
Switchable Phantom Power For Each Input
Each mic input has available phantom power (48V DC) with On/Off switch.
Configurable Output
Channel 1, 2 and 3 Output Selectors let you assign the output of each input channel between Left, Center and Right. One microphone can be mixed to both outputs as well as either single output while two microphones can be mixed to either single output or mixed together to both outputs. When mixing two mics, you can also output the audio from one microphone to one channel while outputting the audio from both mics to the other channel.
Azden FMX-32a
Two XLR Outputs, One Mini Jack Output
The FMX-32a features 2 balanced XLR mic/line switchable outputs. Connect a cable from OUTPUT CH A and/or CH B to the mic or line input of your video camera or audio recorder. These outputs accept a standard 3-pin female XLR connector equipped cable.

The Unbalanced Output (mini-jack) is designed for video cameras or audio recorders which have mini-jack microphone or line inputs. Because the FMX-32a has low-impedance XLR inputs and a mini-plug output, users of video cameras that have mini-plug microphone inputs can use high-quality microphones with XLR outputs. The Unbalanced Output output is stereo (dual-channel). It is recommended to use a stereo-to-stereo mini cable (not supplied) from the Unbalanced Output to the mic or line input of your video camera or audio recorder.

Five-Step Output Level Indicator LED Arrays For Easy Signal Monitoring
These indicators show the output volume level of the L and R outputs. When the indicators show red, you can reduce the volume level by turning the input level control knobs or the master level control knob.
Headphone Output (Stereo or Mono) With Level Control
The FMX-32a has a 1/4-inch (6.3mm) monitor headphone jack with level control. You can connect a stereo or mono headphone to the Monitor output. A Monitor control adjusts the volume level of headphones connected to the Monitor output.
Power On/Off/Low Battery LED Indicator
When the Power switch is turned ON, the Power LED will turn green to indicate the power is on and the battery is charged. When the battery voltage level is low, the Power LED will turn red.
Runs on Ordinary AA atteries
The FMX-32a operates for 15 hours of continuous use on six AA batteries (not supplied).
12V DC Input
The FMX-32a can be run on 6 AA battery power or plug an optional AC adapter into the 12 volt input.
Built-in Switchable Input Limiter And Hi / Lo Input Level Settings For Each Input Channel
The limiter can be switched on to protect against peak distortion on each due to overload. Each mic input has two input level settings (Hi / Lo).

Azden FMX-32a Specifications

Frequency Response:
Main and Unbalanced Output: 20-20,000Hz (+0/-.5dB)
Monitor Output: 50-17,000Hz (-3dB)
Noise Level:
Left & Right Channel: -120dBu (A weighted, Input Equivilent Level)
Less than 0.05% @ 1KHz (+19dBu output)
MIC Max Input Level:
LO: -20 dBu
HI: -3dBu
MIC Max Gain:
LO: +63dB
HI: +45dB
MIC Input Impedance:
LO: 2k ohms
HI: 2k ohms
Maximum Output Level Balanced:
+20dBu (5K ohms)
Maximum Output Level 3.5mm Stereo Unbalanced:
-19dBu (2K ohms)
Maximum Output Level Monitor:
+1dBu (32 ohms)
Phantom Power Voltage:
48V DC (± 2V DC)
Power Source:
Six AA Alkaline batteries / DC 12V 200mA
Battery Life:
6 AA Alkalines: up to 15 hours in continuous use
Current Draw:
47mA nominal (Phantom Power Off)
100mA maximum (Phamtom Power On)
Dimensions (H x W x D):
Approximately 2.1 x 6.7 x 4.7 inches (53.5 x 170 x 120 mm)
Weight Without Batteries:
Approximately 1.65 pounds (750 grams)

Azden FMX-32a Three-Channel Field Microphone Mixer

Features in Detail | Enlarged Image
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