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Azden 1201URX/AB Broadcast Professional Camera-Mount UHF Wireless Receiver

Azden 1201URX/AB

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Azden 1201URX/AB UHF Wireless Receiver

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Replacing the 1200URX/AB, the Azden 1201URX/AB Broadcast Professional UHF Wireless Receiver offers a new noise reduction circuit with improved S/N ration and dynamic range. Features also include 188 frequencies (638.125 to 661.875 MHz) covering four UHF TV bands to avoid interference from HDTV broadcast transmission. The 1201URX/AB Receiver integrates the Anton Bauer® Gold Mount® to power the receiver and mount it on the camera. Two other versions of the Azden 1201URX are available. The Azden 1201URX/Si is specially designed to work with specific Panasonic® Slot-In and Ikegami® Uni-Slot cameras. The Azden 1201URX/VM is mounted in an IDX® V-Mount adaptor case.

The Azden 1201URX/AB receiver features true diversity electronics in conjunction with removable twin high-gain antennas and Azden's proprietary DLC (Diverstiy Logic Control) circuity for superior, noise-free reception. State-of-the-art dielectric filters improve image rejection and 5th order filters offer an improved S/N ratio. The 1201URX/AB Enhanced Performance UHF Wireless Receiver's enhanced performance assures you of the highest image rejection combined with the finest in audio clarity. The crystal-controlled, PLL-synthesized mixer/local oscillator provides for extremely accurate frequency selection while the twin-antenna true diversity dual front-end reduces multipath distortion caused dropouts to near zero.

For over 40 years Azden Corporation has been creating technologically advanced products. By taking advantage of the latest in CAD design and SMT production techniques, Azden's engineers are able to produce products that exceed the published specifications and perform well beyond the warranty period. In the real world of ENG the ability to be able to select a 'clear' frequency on the spot is vitally important. Going out into the field with a single-frequency unit invites disaster since there is no way of knowing what frequencies will be used by the other crews that are covering the same story. Think of your 1201URX/AB as your insurance policy -- your assurance of getting the story.

Designed by professionals - for professionals, the 1201URX/AB will provide you with years of worry-free, high-quality performance and will work flawlessly with the Azden 1201BT and 1201XT Broadcast Professional UHF Wireless transmitters.

Azden 1201URX/AB UHF Wireless Receiver Key Features

188 User-Selectable DTV-Compatible Frequencies Covering Four UHF TV Bands With LCD Readout
For broadcast professionals, Azden's 1201 Series UHF offers 188 digitally selectable UHF frequencies in a very compact and lightweight package. Channels can be selected by setting the LCD display to either the Frequency or Channel views. This wireless camera-mount system uses new UHF frequencies (638.125 to 661.875 MHz) to avoid interference from HDTV broadcast transmission.
True Diversity System With Two Complete Front Ends and High-Gain Antennas
A true diversity front end with twin antennas reduces multipath distortion caused dropouts to near zero.
Integrated Anton-Bauer® Gold Mount®
The 1201URX\AB attaches between the camera and Anton Bauer battery pack using the Gold Mount system. The 1201URX/AB integrates the Anton Bauer Gold Mount to power the receiver.
Proprietary DLC (Diversity Logic Control) Circuitry
Azden's proprietary DLC circuity provides superior, noise-free reception and reduced dropouts.
State-of-the-Art Dielectric Filters
State-of-the-art dielectric filters throughout, for improved image rejection and superior diversity isolation.
High 5th Order Filters For Improved S/N Ratio
Multi-Function LCD
Multi-function LCD shows channel number and frequency, battery info, AF level and diversity operation. As the 1201URX/AB chooses which antenna is receiving the best signal, the 'A' or 'B' segment of the LCD display will illuminate. As the RF signal from the transmitter gets stronger (or weaker) the number of illuminated LCD segments in the display will change -- with 3 segments being the maximum and best. Similarly, the AF (audio level) segments will light from 1 to 3 segments as the audio gets stronger or weaker.
Mic/Line-Out Switchable
Select either LINE or MIC depending on which input is being used on the camera.

Azden 1201URX/AB UHF Wireless Receiver Specifications

Effective Operating Range:
200 ~ 300 ft (60 ~ 100m)
Operating Frequency:
UHF band, 188 user-selectable channels 638.125 to 661.875 MHz
Receiving System:
True Diversity
Modulation Mode:
Phase Lock Loop Synthesizer
Operating Temp. Range:
14° to 122° F (-10° to 50° C)
Frequency Response:
50Hz - 15kHz (±1.5dB)
RF Sensitivity (12dB SINAD):
RF Squelch Level:
-95 dBµ
Adjacent Channel Selectivity:
>70dB (±250kHz)
Noise Reduction:
Expander (THAT)
Audio Output (balanced):
+4 dBm @ ± 40 kHz Deviation (Line)
-40 dBm @ ± 40 kHz Deviation (Mic)
Output Impedance:
600 Ω
Image Rejection:
IF Rejection:
Audio THD:
Signal/Noise Ratio
>62dB (±5kHz) "A" Weighted
Power Requirements:
12VDC (11.0 - 15.0 VDC) from Camera
Dimensions (W x H x D):
3.7" x 4.7" x 1.9" (93 x 119 x 49 mm)
15.9 oz. (450g) with antennas

Azden 1201URX/AB UHF Wireless Receiver

Features in Detail | Enlarged Image
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